White paper: the ultrasonic piezo drive for high-accuracy positioning

Cedrat Technologies S.Acontact supplier

‘The ultrasonic piezo drive: an innovative solution for high-accuracy positioning’

Piezo-electric motors have been successfully developed for various applications such as autofocus drives in camera lenses and handling equipment for semiconductor production. Their high speed and accurate positioning capability, combined with a favourable holding torque in unpowered condition, make piezo motors also very attractive for actuation purposes in spacecraft mechanisms. However, so far only a few studies have been reported considering their suitability for actual use in space. Piezo motors use a combination of piezo-electric and friction forces to generate a progressive motion of an output element. This white paper from Cedrat Technologies introduces a new concept of a versatile piezo motor driven at ultrasonic frequency, and it elaborates on a number of space-related issues such as the compatibility with the relevant mechanical and thermal environment. Furthermore, the possible implementation in different space mechanisms is discussed, with specific focus on miniaturised equipment as needed for small satellites.

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