Parvalux introduces fully sealed GB12 gearbox

Parvalux Electric Motors

Fully sealed GB12 gearbox

Parvalux EMD, a UK motor manufacturer, has launched a fully sealed version of the GB12 square-framed, worm-wheel gearbox.

In preventing contamination of the gears and housing by the ingress of fluids or particulates, the completely sealed design facilitates an estimated life expectancy of more than double that of similar half-seal worm and wheel designs.

The unit comes with a choice of nine standard DC commutated permanent magnet motors from the company's EMD application range or it can be customised to fit any one of Parvalux's other standard AC or DC motor products.

Features include: a maximum continuous torque of 45Nm; a choice of six reduction ratios (12.5:1, 25:1, 30:1, 50:1, 60:1 or 75:1); a composite or phosphor-bronze gear; an ingress protection rating of IP65; a steel output shaft diameter of up to 25mm (single or double); a two-year parts warranty; a sealed aluminium housing; and a black finish option.

The GB12 shares the same dimensions and fixings as the EMD-GB4 unit, designed originally for wheelchair and golf trolley applications, but is now used in a variety of other applications throughout the mobility, leisure and industrial sectors.

Customers seeking to replace old GB4 motor-gearbox units are being encouraged to consider a GB12 solution for extended reliability.

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