Maxon Motor adds 70/10 servo controller and 50/5 plug-in module to Escon range

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Escon DC motor controllers

The Escon range of DC motor controllers from Maxon Motor has been expanded with two additional products: the Escon 70/10 and the Escon 50/5 module for OEM integration.

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The Escon 70/10 servo controller for brushed and brushless DC motors is controlled by means of an analogue set value, which can be specified by means of analogue voltage up to 700W, an external or internal potentiometer, a defined value or a PWM signal with variable duty cycle.

The Escon 50/5 module is a miniaturised OEM plug-in for the servo controller series. The compact four-quadrant PWM servomotor controller enables the efficient control of permanent-magnet brushed and brushless DC motors with Hall sensors — up to approximately 250W.

Servo controllers in the Escon range feature freely assignable I/O for flexible integration, PWM inputs for setpoint values and analogue inputs and outputs.

Products in detail

Escon 70/10

  • Escon 70/10 offers high usability and excellent performance
  • It has the ability to enable or disable the power stage depending on the direction of rotation or the use of speed ramps for acceleration and deceleration
  • Speed can be regulated by means of a digital incremental encoder (two channel with/without line driver), DC tacho or Hall sensors

Escon 50/5

  • OEM plug-in module has good control properties and a fast digital current controller with a large bandwidth for optimal motor current/torque control
  • Drift-free dynamic speed behaviour enables a speed range of 0–150,000rev/min
  • It features a wide range of functions with fully configurable digital and analogue inputs and outputs
  • It can be run in various motion control operating modes (speed controller [closed loop], speed controller [open loop], current controller)

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