Control Techniques drives help lower power consumption at tyre manufacturing plant

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Commander SK AC drives

The Dundee plant of tyre manufacturer Michelin has cut its annual energy consumption by 1,500MWh by installing a cooling tower for process water that uses variable-speed AC drives from Control Techniques.

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Michelin engineers decided to install the tower when they identified that efficiency improvements from recent years had reduced demand for cooling water, meaning the existing plant was larger than necessary.

Actual cooling requirements were measured and the company realised there were further potential savings to be made by putting in variable-speed drives to match the supply of cooling water to demand.

The SPX Marley cooling tower has two 30kW cooling fans for the dual 300m3 cells and there are six large pumps — three 22kW pumps for the hot water to the tower and three 90kW, 4.4-bar pumps to return the chilled water back to the factory, all of which are fitted with Control Techniques’ Commander SK AC drives.

Key benefits of product application

  • On minimum speed, the fan drive’s power demand is 2.5kW
  • Average consumption per hour has dropped from 242kW to 66kW across all water-tower pumps, saving more than 4MWh per day
  • Drives list parameters needed for 90 per cent of applications on unit front
  • Further options available, including PLC functionality and feedback versatility
  • In summer, cooling tower supplies chilled water to the air-handling units to cool the factory
  • In winter, the system uses steam to provide space heating

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