Tiny claims for piezo stages

Physik Instrumente


The PicoCube is dubbed the world's smallest multi-axis, closed-loop, piezo nano-manipulation and scanning stage family.

The PicoCube is dubbed the world's smallest multi-axis,closed-loop, piezo nano-manipulation and scanning stage family.P-363 PicoCube x-y and x-y-z piezo stages areultra-high-performance, closed-loop piezoelectric scanningsystems.

Designed for AFM (atomic force microscopy), SPM(scanning probe microscopy) and nanomanipulation applications,they combine an extremely low-inertia (10kHz resonant frequency),high-speed piezo scanner with noncontact, direct-measuring,parallel-metrology capacitive feedback capable of 50pmresolution.

Based on a parallel-metrology system with capacitivefeedback, the compact unit is a design breakthrough inclosed-loop piezo scanner technology.

Parallel metrology can"see" all controlled degrees of freedom simultaneouslyand compensate for the slightest off-axis motion in real time.The benefits are reduction of runout and off-axis errors,straighter motion and improved repeatability.

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