Decanter provides rapid separation of DDGS

decanter centrifuge

Alfa Laval's SG2-700 decanter centrifuge provides a cost-effective, high-throughput method of dewatering DDGS (distiller's dried grains with solubles) to produce a dry cake and a clarified liquor.

It is suitable for production of fuel ethanol and alcoholic beverages.

Intended for use with stillage from all types of grain, it has been designed to provide low-noise performance, reliability and maximum ease of access for maintenance and servicing.

The machine's compact dimensions have been achieved by supporting the rotating assembly on an inline welded box-beam frame, which also houses both drive motors to reduce noise and vibration levels.

The decanter bowl is driven at the conical end by an electric motor using a V-belt transmission.

All product-wetted parts are machined from AISI 316, while wear parts are protected by sintered tungsten or welded tungsten carbide flights.

Maximum bowl speeds of up to 3,100rpm, generating 3,500G, provide the centripetal force that separates the suspended solids from the liquid phase.

While the basic SG2-700 design is intended for simple, 2-phase separation, a 3-phase design is also available that separates out solids, liquor and corn oil simultaneously.

By controlling the difference in speed between the rotating bowl and the internal conveyor, it is possible to achieve and maintain the desired balance between product dryness and liquid clarity.

A direct-drive system on the SG2-700 provides automatic control of this essential function, irrespective of fluctuations in feed volume or quality.

Direct drive also reduces energy consumption and lengthens bowl life, as its variable- frequency drive does not subject the machine to the kind of power losses caused by a conventional motor and gearbox combination.

A dedicated control system comprising a central processor and a graphic interface provides control of the direct drive, as well as monitoring other important process parameters.

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