BP fits Rotabolt measurement fasteners to heat exchanger at Teesside gas terminal

James Walker Rotaboltcontact supplier

Rotabolt measurement fasteners

Measurement fasteners from James Walker Rotabolt have been fitted to a heat exchanger on BP’s Teesside gas processing terminal. The fasteners are used to ensure that the correct design load is being achieved on bolted joints on four of the terminal’s re-boilers.

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The plant has fitted Rotabolts on the bolted joints where the main vessel connects to the channel system. It had previously been using the ultrasonic measurement of bolt extension to check correct pre-load.

The joints experience substantial temperature differentials during start-up and can be subject to distortion. During these thermal swings, it is essential that the correct tension is being achieved and maintained across the joints to ensure integrity.

Key benefits of product application

  • Rotabolt fastener technology ensures that the correct tension is achieved and maintained throughout the life of the bolted joint.
  • The fasteners are said to be quick and easy to check during maintenance.
  • The Rotacap on top of the fastener can be ‘instantly’ fingertip checked, reducing routine maintenance times and costs.
  • The BP plant’s asset care engineer said the use of Rotabolt measurement has helped the company to overcome inconsistencies.
  • Engineers working on the system had successfully used Rotabolt measurement technology on other applications at BP.

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