E-con launches (HD) camera for Gumstix COMs

E-con Systems

e-CAM32\\_OMAP\\_GSTIX camera module

E-con Systems has launched its e-CAM50\\_OMAP\\_GSTIX, a 5Mp high-definition (HD) camera solution for the OMAP35x-based Gumstix Overo computer-on-module (COM) series.

The e-CAM32\\_OMAP\\_GSTIX camera module is based on Omnivision's OV5642 CMOS image sensor.

The e-CAM50\\_OMAP\\_GSTIX expansion board works plug and play with any Gumstix Overo COM and provides 720p at 30fp video.

On the back-end, the e-CAM32\\_OMAP\\_GSTIX connects to the 8 bit parallel interface of the OMAP35x processor and leverages the 130MHz pixel clock that the OMAP35x processor can support.

This camera solution can be used by the customers for various image-processing and video-encoding applications in various devices, enabling higher Framerate and greater resolutions.

Gumstix Overo COMs stream 720p at 30fps and, with the Gstreamer support integrated, E-con is able to save video to the flash drive in VGA resolution at 30fps using H.264 video compression.

E-con also offers services around the camera on OMAP ISP pipeline tuning, camera testing, driver development and performance optimisations on operating systems such as WinCE, Windows Mobile, Linux and Android.

E-con's efforts to develop a range of tiny, functional camera boards increase the range and capabilities that a design engineer can develop for a Gumstix-based solution in surveillance, robotics, image handling and other related video-based product designs, according to the company.

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