Rittal offers thermal analysis service for data centres' climate-control systems

Thermal analysis service

Rittal is offering a thermal analysis service for data centres, which will help companies to identify and resolve climate-control system defects.

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According to the company, around 18 per cent of the energy costs of data centres result from cooling systems.

Additionally, the temperature in the server rack and/or data centre plays a large role in determining hardware functionality and the energy efficiency of IT infrastructures. If temperatures are too high, systems are more likely to fail and energy costs for cooling increase.

Rittal uses thermal analysis for visualising, documenting and tackling the weaknesses that cause these issues.

The company measures the temperature of the cold air at the air inlet of each server rack — in a vertical pitch of 100–200mm — in order to determine rack surface temperatures.

Key features

  • Customers receive a detailed written report
  • Measurement results are clearly displayed in tables and graphs
  • Results can be used for putting in place measures to improve climate control

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