Joystick provides fingertip positional control

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The JC2000 is a compact joystick controller for precision fingertip control applications where safety and long, trouble-free life are primary requirements.

Penny and Giles has launched the all new JC2000 compact joystickcontroller for precision fingertip control applications wheresafety and long, trouble-free life are primary requirements.

TheJC2000 is available in one-, two- or three-axis configurationsand can be supplied with three handle styles, two of which can befitted with a pushbutton switch in a choice of five differentcolours.

Typical applications include powered wheelchairs,disabled mobility vehicles, robotic teach controllers,co-ordinate measuring machines, medical and CCTV equipment,professional camera controls and radio or infra-red chest-packs.For these applications the JC2000's compact size, lowoperational force and high reliability are ideal.

The innovativecontactless design uses Hall effect sensors, meaning there are nomoving parts in the sensing system of all three available axes,effectively eliminating flexing wires that can cause failure dueto fatigue.

For super critical applications the single anddual-axis units are available with two independent outputs ineach axis.

This new model offers a top mounting flange that iscompatible with the Penny and Giles JC200 inductive joystick, butwith a below-flange depth of only 31mm.

The competitively pricedJC2000 also features an impressive environmental specificationthat includes sealing to IP65 above the panel, operatingtemperature of -25 to +70C, a shock level of 40g and EMC immunityof 100V/m.

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