Nanovea profilometer offers online inspection


3D non-contact profilometer

Nanovea has announced that its 3D non-contact profilometer will now have optional online capability for automated inspection and report generation.

With this advancement, the company said the profilometer can now integrate into quality control environments.

Crucial applications once inspected with vision and/or touch probe will now be inspected with the assurance of high-speed, non-contact nanometer measurement.

Nanovea said this is especially critical to batch production with tight tolerance levels that can be easily monitored to ensure quality control via online communication.

With this feature, applications can be automatically scanned and analysed based on instructions found on a server database.

The online inspection feature allows automatic product ID scan with a barcode reader (could also be manually entered in); the product ID is then checked against predefined pass/fail and measurement requirements stored on a company database.

The part is automatically measured, and upon completion a report is generated.

The report and the pass/fail information is automatically sent back to the server and stored with that part number.

Measurement speeds range from 1m/s and 31,000 points/sec with nanometer accuracies.

There are various scan types, analysis functions and size options that can be customised to fit applications throughout all industries.

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