Mettler Toledo offers range of dropping-point apparatus for products such as oils and soap

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Excellence dropping-point apparatus

Mettler Toledo’s Excellence range of dropping-point apparatus is suitable for use by manufacturers of products such as grease, creams, oils, soap, waxes, pitch, polymer, asphalt and bitumen.

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The range consists of two models — the DP70 and the DP90. These can measure softening and dropping points in order to help users improve the quality of their materials in terms of heat resistance, performance, stability and consistency.

They can also be used to predict optimal temperature and process parameters.

The units enable the simultaneous measurement of two samples and the simple playback of high-resolution colour videos. According to the company, this results in increased productivity, maximum insight and straightforward operation.

Key features

  • ‘One Click’ functionality
  • Compliance with standards methods such as ASTM and USP

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