Air-gauging system measures automotive parts

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PC-2200 air columns

Automotive supplier Adwest Engineering has selected air-gauging systems from Bowers Metrology to support its strict quality control regime.

Adwest Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of both manual and power-assist steering gears.

The company utilises a one piece flow method of production and houses more than 300 CNC and NC and manual machines plus 16 dedicated test machines.

The high-precision and safety critical nature of the company's products means that Adwest Engineering's quality department runs a strict quality control regime and makes regular investments in gauging equipment.

A case in point is the company's purchase of PC-2200 flexible electronic/air columns from Bowers Metrology.

The advanced columns are capable of operating with both air-gauging products and measuring probes and contain a multitude of measuring functions including static and dynamic gauging, classification grading mode and probe mixing capability.

Gordon Smith, production engineer of Adwest Engineering, said: 'As air gauging is able to provide high-precision results, even in the most challenging of shop-floor environments, it is ideal for use across our site.

'Our PC-2200 air columns have proven to be an excellent addition to our quality control equipment.

'As we are able to set upper and lower tolerance limits for each job on our PC-2200s our machine operators are able to read the actual size of the measured feature of each component on a digital readout and judge the status of the part against a clear go/no/go LED display.

'One of our PC-2200 units is successfully employed to accurately measure the critical clearance between the rotor and sleeve components that are part of the valve assembly, which delivers the power assistance within the Land Rover and Bentley steering units.

'As the PC-2200 delivers its very accurate results extremely quickly, our machine operators are able to take all of the necessary measurements within the cycle time of the production machines they are operating,' he added.

Other features of the PC-2200 include a high-resolution display, status indicators, tolerance limit settings, multi-probe inputs, and an RS232 output, enabling the downloading of results to computers, data collection devices and printers.

Bowers Metrology can supply a full range of both internal and external air-gauging devices, accessories and readouts.

Using air flow volumes and pressures to measure parts, air gauging is a reliable, repeatable technology that is well suited to applications such as precision tapers where tolerances are tight.

Air-gauging technology is flexible, enabling the measurement of not only dimensions but geometric and relational characteristics, such as squareness and parallelism.

Other features capable of being measured include ovality, taper, the straightness of bores and the distance between hole centres.

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