Inertial unveils triaxial analogue accelerometers

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2640 triaxial accelerometers

Inertial Aerosystems is launching the 2460 range of triaxial analogue accelerometers, which consists of eight models that cover full scale accelerations from DC to +/-2G to 400G.

These products utilise three orthogonal mounted accelerometers with each axis independently powered.

The whole circuit assembly is on a flexible board to help withstand shock, vibration, and so on.

The unit is enclosed in a rugged lightweight epoxy-sealed anodised aluminium case.

Featuring low power consumption from 8V to 32V DC, the scale factor is independent of power supply voltage.

On board voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference eliminate the need for precision power supplies.

The temperature operating range is 55 to 85C, and these products respond to both DC and AC acceleration.

Suitable for use in tough environments and where space and weight are at a premium, these modules are serialised for traceability.

They are provided with a 1m eight-wire cable, and capable of driving up to 14m of additional cable without instability.

Output current and slew rate can drive up to 600m of extension cable, but oscillation may occur anywhere between 15m and 600m.

Applications include crash testing, vibration monitoring and analysis, machine control and instrumentation, model analysis, robotics and flight testing.

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