Inertial Aerosystems launches HG 1900

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HG 1900 MEMS gyro-based inertial measurement unit

Inertial Aerosystems has launched the HG 1900, a micro electromechanical system (MEMS) gyro-based inertial measurement unit.

The HG 1900, manufactured by US-based Honeywell, was originally developed for the defence and space industries.

Its performance is consistent with tactical missile and smart munitions requirements, and offers a cost effective solution in numerous commercial applications.

The HG 1900 has a high level of automatic computation as well as complete attitude measurement.

Incorporated in the unit are three quartz accelerometers and three tactical MEMS gyroscopes, together with a proven ARM7 microprocessor.

It also features a low power consumption of +/- 15 Vdc, + 5 Vdc input power, with an operating temperature range of -55 to +85C and an accelerometer range of +/- 70g.

The HG 1900 is contained in a physically integrated, hermetically sealed package, and measures <75 mm="" height="" and="" diameter="" and="" weighs=""><450>

It draws<3 watts="" of="">

This product has applications in military and commercial navigation, robotics, offshore drilling, as well as unmanned land and marine vehicles.

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