Compact unit measures motion in 3D

Inertial Aerosystems


A full 3D motion measurement unit comes in a compact lightweight ruggedised package.

Inertial Aerosystems has developed a full 3D motion measurement unit in a 58 x 58 x 22mm, 50g ruggedised package.

The MTi has been designed for new applications such as control of autonomous or remote-controlled mobile robots and unmanned marine, land and aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Other application areas include stabilisation of pipeline tools, cameras etc, for purposes such as inspection, survey and security.

The unit's internal DSP uses real-time algorithms to produce stable outputs of heading, roll and pitch plus rate of turn and linear acceleration.

The motion sensors are MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes.

A solid-state magnetometer measures heading.

Output is RS232, RS422 with analogue 0-3.3V optional.

A software development kit allows integration in OEM or system applications.

Power supply is 4.5-15V at 360mW, and operating temperature range is -55 to +125C.

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