HBM reference book offers overview of using torque transducers


Measuring torque correctly

HBM technical experts Rainer Schicker and Dr Georg Wegener have written a 272-page reference book, Measuring torque correctly, which is designed to offer a clear overview of all essential aspects of using torque transducers.

The book describes principle options for torque measurement and deals with the design and application of torque transducers most commonly used today.

The principal methods for measuring torque are described, along with information on how to address and solve problems arising in everyday applications.

For a free download of selected chapters, click here.

To purchase the book online, click here.

Key features

  • Available online
  • Detailed theoretical debates are avoided
  • Appendix comprises a brief outline of vibration engineering
  • Available in German, English and Italian
  • Clearly laid out and easy to understand
  • Chapters include: torque measurement methods; the structure of torque transducers; using and installing torque transducers; and calibrating torque transducers



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