Fraser cures static electricity for bag makers

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques

Electricity solutions

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques offers cost-effective solutions to a number of electricity problems throughout the bag-making industry.

The solutions are specific to the particular process involved.

For example, a short-range static eliminator, such as the 1250-S Bar, would be recommended on a flat bag-maker line.

The static elimination achieved would prevent stacking issues after the welding head, saving on quality issues and line downtime.

For a wicket bag maker, the solution would be quite different.

In this case, a short-range solution is not practical as the eliminator cannot be placed close to the product because of the nature of the machinery.

In this situation, Fraser recommends a long-range Ionstorm 3850 bar system to provide ionisation of the entire area.

In addition to static eliminators, static generators may also be used on various types of bag makers, including patch-handle and bag-on-reel machines.

All Fraser static control systems can be manufactured to bespoke specifications to meet individual requirements.

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