Technical article: formaldehyde donor biocides — what’s the future?

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‘Formaldehyde donor biocides — what’s the future?’

With the impending reclassification of formaldehyde as a category 1B, presumed human carcinogen, the writing is on the wall for formaldehyde donor biocides. These compounds do not contain formaldehyde per se, but as their name suggests they release it, in very small amounts, in the process of killing bacteria. Formaldehyde donors are proven, stable and effective and for many years have been the preservatives of choice for the majority of metalworking fluid manufacturers. However, the new regulation may change that. According to Master Chemical, this reclassification emphasises why the research and development (R&D) of alternative metalworking fluids is so vital. Formulators who are completely reliant on old chemistry are certain to lose market share as those with a high commitment to R&D introduce next-generation products that are future proof.

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