Rulon bearings aid pineapple harvesting

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Rulon bearings

Rulon bearings from Tristar Plastics can be incorporated into the farming machinery used in pineapple harvesting as they are resistant to caustic substances.

According to the company, pineapples must be closely monitored to ensure harvesting at the exact moment of ripeness, since overripe fruit quickly deteriorates before reaching market.

Using a tractor equipped with a long boom, workers pick from rows of densely packed fruit and load the payload onto a field conveyor system for processing.

Rulon materials are found on the boom lift and conveyor devices, as well as on suspension lift cylinders.

With these bearings, machine greasing is not an issue; the bearings are able to self lubricate, giving workers more reliable operation while increasing efficiency.

Tristar offers an online selection guide to help customers determine the most suitable Rulon material for their applications.

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