Gas purging system improves welding productivity

Linde Gas

Arcline Cleanflow gas purging system

Linde Gases has launched its Arcline Cleanflow gas purging system, which is claimed to improve welding productivity in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and nuclear industries.

The patent-pending system, which reduces the purge time of pipes by up to 45 per cent, produces a gas flow resulting in the near-instantaneous removal of oxygen and allowing welding to commence almost immediately.

The system prevents oxidation and the staining caused by metal vapour that can appear at the sides of the welds, leaving them pristine in appearance and free from contaminants and alleviating the need for costly post-weld cleaning.

The special gas flow also has a cooling effect, which reduces the post-weld waiting time and enables the further processing of the pipes to start more quickly.

The purging system is suitable for industries requiring high levels of cleanliness.

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