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Industrial temperature controllers

White paper: West Control looks at the changing face of temperature control download

West Control SolutionsWed, 23 Apr 2014

Industrial temperature controllers have changed considerably over the last 50 years. This white paper from West Control looks at how the development of technology has reacted to the changing demands of customers to create powerful new solutions.

Open end to atmosphere

Beko Technologies presents seminar on compressed air at Air-Tech exhibition

Beko TechnologiesThu, 24 Apr 2014

At the recent Air-Tech exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, Beko Technologies gave a presentation in the seminar area entitled ‘Open end to atmosphere’. This presentation provided advice about the issues of having an air supply that does not perform any useful work or work that cannot be done more economically or safely by another medium.

View of the BLDC parts

White paper: upgrade of miniature outrunner brushless DC motors download

Cedrat Technologies S.ATue, 22 Apr 2014

Miniature brushless DC motors (less than 5gr) offer some challenges both in design and manufacturing. They are used in several mass-volume applications, such as hard-disk drives and gyroscopes and more recently in some unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs), where Cedrat is involved. For this last application, the efficiency is of upmost importance. Cedrat has used its Flux software to optimise the brushless motor design.

Engineering reference guide: section 12 — electrostatic discharge protection download

AerotechTue, 22 Apr 2014

Aerotech’s engineering reference guide serves as a valuable resource for all Aerotech motion and positioning control components and systems. Section 12 focuses on electrostatic discharge protection.

White paper: Autodesk collaboration and data management for AEC download

Man and Machine Thu, 17 Apr 2014

It used to be that architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) teams could take care of their collaboration and data management needs on an ad-hoc basis using whatever tools were at hand, such as file naming schemes, open firewall ports, VPN, FTP, or unmanaged file-sharing services. But these methods no longer scale to serve the burgeoning needs of the industry. This white paper supplied by Man and Machine explains how the Autodesk Collaboration and Data Management vision is to ...

Demand lens

White paper: the Capacity Quadrant — four keys to demystifying resource management download

PlanviewThu, 17 Apr 2014

Planview, a portfolio and resource management company that helps organisations maximise business opportunities by optimising the capacity of their finite people and financial resources, has released this white paper focusing on the Capacity Quadrant. According to the company, the Capacity Quadrant is made up of four dynamics that are at play when managing capacity and demand: visibility; prioritisation; optimisation; and integration.

Technical article: infrared curing to maximise the benefits of powder coating download

Heraeus NoblelightTue, 15 Apr 2014

As Heraeus Noblelight explains, the last two decades have seen a rapid expansion of the application of powder coating throughout a range of industries. Indeed, in North America, powder coating is seen as the fastest growing of all finishing technologies and today represents more than 10 per cent of all industrial finishing applications. Much of this growth can be accounted for by the need to comply with increasingly stringent environmental legislation and to reduce emissions of environmentally .

Application note: current sources for fibre-optic lasers download

Linear TechnologyTue, 15 Apr 2014

As Linear Technology’s Jim Williams explains, a large group of fibre-optic lasers are powered by DC current. Laser drive is supplied by a current source with modulation added further along the signal path. The current source, although conceptually simple, constitutes a tricky design problem. There are a number of practical requirements for a fibre-optic current source and failure to consider them can cause laser and/or optical component destruction.

Technical bulletin: health, safety and environmental affairs — nitrites download

Master ChemicalTue, 15 Apr 2014

In September 1984, the US Environmental Protection Agency issued two documents on the subject of nitrosamines, in which it made a case for not mixing any types of amine, particularly DEA (diethanolamine) and TEA (triethanolamine), with nitrites of any kind because of the possible formation of N-nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA), which is a suspected carcinogen. Depending on the grade of TEA purchased, there could be small to moderate amounts of DEA present in the material. In this bulletin, ...

Basic elements of a single-axis laser interferometer system

Engineering reference guide: section nine — laser interferometer implementation download

AerotechMon, 14 Apr 2014

Aerotech’s engineering reference guide serves as a valuable resource for all Aerotech motion and positioning control components and systems. Section nine focuses on laser interferometer implementation. Laser interferometers represent the ultimate feedback device for high-precision motion control application. The combination of high resolution and outstanding accuracy has made it the ideal transducer for wafer steppers, flat panel inspection, and high-accuracy laser micromachining.

Twin tube structure and actuator

White paper: Cedrat Technologies discusses self-locking MRF latches and dampers download

Cedrat Technologies S.AMon, 14 Apr 2014

MRF actuators are new electromechanical components using magneto rheological fluids (MRF). When submitted to a high enough magnetic field, MRF switch from a liquid to a near-solid body. New MRF actuators were developed in order to reach three aims: to offer a blocking force at rest, which can be strongly reduced by applying a current, to provide an electrically controllable resistive force over a stroke of 30mm, to perform the control of the force in a very short time.


Technical bulletin: Master Chemical discusses flammability of metalworking fluids download

Master ChemicalThu, 10 Apr 2014

In general, metalworking fluids are highly fire resistant. As Master Chemical explains, this is particularly true of those containing water either as part of the formulation (synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants and most liquid washing compounds) or with water cutback working solutions. In most situations, these types of fluids catch fire only after all of the water contained either in the concentrate or in the working solution has evaporated.

A Webtex dying and finishing machine incorporating infrared pre-drying

Technical article: infrared technology enables the rapid and cost-effective drying of textiles download

Heraeus NoblelightThu, 10 Apr 2014

Infrared heating is a well-established method of drying and finishing textiles. Typical applications include moisture evaporation, the drying of printed designs, thermofixing, coating and lamination, attaching motifs, curing coatings on fabrics and carpets, the heating of textiles before forming, the melting and curing of powder coatings, the activation of adhesives and relieving carpets before hot coating and flock coating. According to Ian Bartley of Heraeus Noblelight, the rapid ...

Guide book cover

Guide book: Enclosure and Process Cooling downloadweblink

RittalWed, 9 Apr 2014

Enclosure and Process Cooling is a guide book from Rittal that provides information on a variety of topics, including the basic principles of climate control, energy-saving opportunities and project planning, installation and operation — even for more complex applications. The book answers many questions that are of interest to original equipment manufacturers, panel builders and end users.


White paper: Tech-Clarity insight — the business value of simulation download

Man and Machine Wed, 9 Apr 2014

Over the last few years, manufacturers have focused on surviving the down economy and preparing to prosper as markets recover. Most have reduced cost and are running very lean. But as Tech-Clarity’s ‘Engineering’s Role in Surviving a Down Economy’ research reports, cutting costs cannot result in cutting quality in competitive markets. One strategy that is providing value in this environment is digital design validation using simulation technologies.

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