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Motion-centric machine design

White paper: tailored automation solutions for performance-driven machinery download

AerotechFri, 21 Nov 2014

Today’s machine builders confront a new era of risks, as globalisation increases competition and the internet rapidly disseminates information about products and markets. The highest priority for designers of performance-driven machinery is to reduce the various risks confronted across the machine design, development and maintenance lifecycle.

Anti-slip tapes

Technical article: slip prevention in wet areas download

HeskinsFri, 21 Nov 2014

In areas where removing water is not an option, slip hazards increase tenfold, and to prevent injuries serious considerations have to be made to stop visitors, employees or even you falling foul of potential slips and falls. Anti-slip tape —such as that available from Heskins — is a suitable back-up to your slip prevention methods, with the ability to apply it on any surface that may require some reinforcement.

Schematic of the finite element analysis (FEA) for a PMSM.

White paper: simulation and fault detection in PMSM under dynamic conditions download

CedratThu, 20 Nov 2014

As Cedrat explains in this paper, the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is becoming popular in high-performance applications as compared with other types of AC motors. A short circuit between turns is the most critical fault in a machine; it is quite difficult to detect and almost impossible to remove. There are a number of techniques used to detect turn-to-turn faults.

View of the shock absorber including the piezoelectric valve

White paper: advanced landing gears for improved impact absorption download

Cedrat Technologies S.AThu, 20 Nov 2014

This paper from Cedrat Technologies is devoted to the presentation of adaptive impact absorbers applied as aircraft landing gears. The presented work discusses a possibility of utilisation of active dampers based on piezo-actuators and magnetorheological fluids (MRF) as the actuator for the proposed system. Control issues of an impact absorption system are widely presented. 

Natural gas compressor dehydration station

White paper: moisture measurement technologies for natural gas download

GE Measurement & ControlThu, 20 Nov 2014

The measurement of moisture in natural gas is an important parameter for the processing, storage and transportation of natural gas globally. Natural gas is dehydrated prior to introduction into the pipeline and distribution network. However, attempts to reduce dehydration result in a reduction in ‘gas quality’. Consequently, to strike the right balance, it is important that the water component of natural gas is measured precisely and reliably.

Designing-in light curing adhesives

White paper: Intertronics discusses designing-in light-curing adhesives download

IntertronicsThu, 20 Nov 2014

The advantages of using adhesives over mechanical fasteners have been well documented. They include distribution of load and stress over wider surface areas, elimination of joint fatigue, improved impact resistance, reduction in finishing, and aesthetic enhancement. According to this white paper from Intertronics, design engineers will earn the gratitude of their production engineering colleagues if they can specify or allow for a light-curing adhesive.

Cover image

White paper: what you should know about filling two-component cartridges download

EFD InternationalWed, 19 Nov 2014

There are many advantages to packaging two-component adhesives in convenient cartridges for use with static mixers. Two-component adhesive end users want their cartridges to be clean and free of leaks with the capability to dispense the adhesive to fit the intended application. This paper concentrates on the ways filling a cartridge can affect dispensing performance.


Technical article: Mike Might Know — sensor cables download

Sherborne SensorsTue, 18 Nov 2014

In order to maximise the performance of sensors, attention should be paid to the selection of the humble cable that connects the sensor with its instrumentation. As this article in the ‘Mike Might Know’ series from Sherborne Sensors explains, sensors — particularly those based upon strain gauges — have very low levels of output often in the micro-volt region. Noise pick-up must be minimised to ensure accurate results.

Application note: considerations for successive approximation ADCs download

Linear TechnologyTue, 18 Nov 2014

A tutorial on SAR type analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs), this application note from Linear Technology contains detailed information on several 12-bit circuits. Comparator, clocking and pre-amplifier designs are discussed. A final circuit gives a 12-bit conversion in 1.8µsec. Appended sections explain the basic SAR technique and explore digital-to-analogue considerations.

Transformer description and results obtained

White paper: how to perform faster and more accurate simulations download

CedratTue, 18 Nov 2014

In recent years, the requirement for accurate virtual design has grown constantly. However, greater computational efficiency means less time to get results while performing rapid, detailed analyses on a device. The overall goal is to have a streamlined, automated and customised model creation and simulation process. This is even more important with FEM software, where simulation run times are usually very high.

White paper: five future challenges for industrial Ethernet switches downloadweblink

AmpliconTue, 18 Nov 2014

The benefits of IP convergence, such as enhanced efficiency, improved manageability and lower cost of ownership, have long been the driving force behind the growth in the number of industrial Ethernet deployments for supervisory and control level applications. According to studies conducted by IMS Research, the global number of industrial Ethernet nodes at supervisory and control levels will continue to grow at an average rate of 15 per cent from 2010 to 2015. However, the number of ...

ATLID instrument overview

White paper: an improved accurate beam steering piezoelectric mechanism for ATLID download

Cedrat Technologies S.AMon, 17 Nov 2014

A new tip-tilt mechanism based on low-voltage piezoelectric actuators has been designed by Cedrat Technologies to answer the high level of stability required for the Earthcare satellite. The Beam Steering Assembly aims to deviate a pulsed high-energy UV laser beam to compensate for misalignment between the emission and reception paths of ATLID with a very high stability and resolution.

Infrared windows and arc ratings

White paper: IRISS dispels the myth of 'arc-resistant' infrared windows download

IRISSMon, 17 Nov 2014

There exists a dangerous misconception regarding the ‘arc rating’ of infrared (IR) windows or viewing panes. Many reliability and maintenance professionals are under the impression that an IR window will protect them in the event of an arc blast; still others are under the impression that installing IR windows will turn non-arc-rated switchgear or electrical equipment into ‘arc-rated’ cabinets. Neither are the case and both misconceptions must be corrected because they present very ...

PICO xMOD valve

White paper: high-speed piezoelectric jet valves offer new modular dispensing solutions download

EFD InternationalMon, 17 Nov 2014

For many automated fluid dispensing processes, high-speed jetting technology is a new and innovative alternative to traditional, needle-based contact dispensing. Because high-speed jetting is non-contact (the jet valve never contacts the product or surface), it offers a higher degree of flexibility and can be used in a wider variety of applications that otherwise would require a costly Z-axis system with height-sensing and positioning functionality. True high-speed jetting is made possible ...

Application note: unique IC buffer enhances op amp designs, tames fast amplifiers download

Linear TechnologyFri, 14 Nov 2014

This application note from Linear Technology describes some of the unique IC design techniques incorporated into a fast, monolithic power buffer, the LT1010. Also, some application ideas are described such as capacitive load driving, boosting fast op amp output current and power supply circuits.

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