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Worker safety is a top priority in all robot applications

Technical article: putting safety first and foremost when working with robots downloadweblink

Fanuc UKFri, 6 Mar 2015

They can be despatched to inspect the safety of oil rigs, deployed on the military front line to assess combat dangers, enter active volcanoes and perform less invasive surgery. While robots might be the good guys when it comes to improving productivity, handling precision tasks and boosting workplace efficiency in manufacturing and automation environments, the safety of workers operating alongside robots should always be the prime consideration.

Corroded F-16 MFSOV electrical connector

White paper: effects of corrosion-inhibitive lubricants on electronics reliability downloadweblink

Envirotech EuropeFri, 6 Mar 2015

US Air Force studies for the last 20 years have shown that the application of certain corrosion-inhibitive lubricants (CILs) or corrosion-preventative compounds (CPCs) can substantially affect CND and RETOK rates, thus improving avionics reliability. This paper from Envirotech addresses prior research and the current operational and depot-level application of CIL/CPCs in the US Department of Defense. 

White paper: standards-based approaches to redundancy and fault tolerance downloadweblink

AmpliconThu, 5 Mar 2015

This white paper from Amplicon discusses standards-based approaches to redundancy and fault tolerance using industrial Ethernet local-area networks (LANs). The paper is targeted at network engineers in factories, transportation systems, utilities and other industrial networking applications.

Mesh information

Technical article: eccentricities faults magnetic signature of an induction machine downloadweblink

CedratFri, 27 Feb 2015

This article from CEDRAT is focused on the static and dynamic eccentricity fault in the induction motor. The quantities considered are: torque, leakage flux and magnetic forces measured outside the machine (such as accelerometer sensor). For each quantity, CEDRAT compares its signature in degraded mode with the healthy mode. The company devotes a short paragraph of this article to demonstrating the new feature of Flux concerning double FFT; this feature is available in the dedicated ...

Rebecca Saunders

Interview: getting to know Rebecca Saunders, Warwick Mobile Robotics downloadweblink

maxon motorThu, 26 Feb 2015

This article from maxon motor introduces Rebecca Saunders of Warwick Mobile Robotics. Readers are given an insight into studying engineering, building search-and-rescue robots and encouraging women into the field.

Technical article: British engineering and sensor innovation downloadweblink

Sherborne SensorsThu, 26 Feb 2015

A pioneering naval weapons alignment system powered by electronic sensor technology heralds a fresh wave of British innovation in military and naval applications, says Mike Baker, managing director of Sherborne Sensors.

White paper: modular test bed for assessing performance of stick-slip actuators downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.AWed, 25 Feb 2015

Stepping piezoelectric actuators based on the stick-slip effect inherently make use of a friction contact between stator and rotor. This contact defines the actuator’s performance but is prone to wear and tear. For broad use, the actuator has to be able to perform around one million strokes. To assess the actuator’s performance in terms of force, speed, mechanical output, electrical input and long-term stability under different load and environmental conditions, as well as different ...

Technical article: tackling legacy challenges in defence avionics downloadweblink

Sherborne SensorsTue, 24 Feb 2015

Sensors offer core capabilities that can meet the operational demands of legacy aircraft, says Mike Baker, managing director of Sherborne Sensors.

Technical article: prevention of in-storage corrosion on cleaned machined parts downloadweblink

Envirotech EuropeTue, 24 Feb 2015

During the production of metal parts, many mechanical procedures are used — machining, bending, lapping, honing, drilling, grinding and punching — all of which use oils to speed up operations. Whether it is for automotive manufacturers or their tiered suppliers, medical equipment manufacture or aerospace production, cleaning is essential to remove oil and coarse contamination between machining, inspection and final delivery of the completed item.

WDS agreed to supply the Bloodhound SSC project with vital components free of charge

Technical article: how to guarantee accuracy throughout the manufacturing process downloadweblink

WDSMon, 23 Feb 2015

‘For want of a nail, the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe, the horse was lost.’ This proverb carries on through rider and message to battle and kingdom. It pre-dates modern manufacturing — probably by a couple of centuries — but exactly the same principle applies to engineering. In this article, Chris Putman, sales and marketing director of WDS, explains that if you don’t get the small details right, the big picture will never be perfect.

White paper: update on a safe occupational exposure level for 1-bromopropane downloadweblink

Envirotech EuropeMon, 23 Feb 2015

This paper re-evaluates Envirotech Europe’s current occupational exposure level recommendation of 100ppm for 1-bromopropane (1-BP) [106-94-5] in the vapour degreasing industry in light of the recent lowering of the ACGIH Toxicity Threshold Value (TLV) from 10ppm to 0.1ppm. The 0.1ppm value is based on a study of 86 workers exposed to 1-BP during its manufacture in China in four different facilities. The authors reported significant effects at all 1-BP exposure levels down to 1.28ppm. ...

APA500L with steel shell

White paper: manufacture and properties of first industrial APAs using carbon epoxy shells downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.AMon, 23 Feb 2015

According to Cedrat Technologies, future aeronautics are more likely to use electric actuators than hydraulic actuators. Existing amplified piezo actuators (APAs) with steel shells are good candidates. Lighter carbon shells are being developed to further increase their efficiency. For helicopter rotor blade applications this evolution is almost unavoidable, but it is also very interesting for other domains.

Envirotech logo - thumbnail

White paper: HFC 227ea — a real fire suppression system problem downloadweblink

Envirotech EuropeThu, 19 Feb 2015

HFC-227ea is replacing Halon 1301 as the gaseous fire suppression agent for data processing and electronic equipment. However, when activated in a fire situation, HFC-227ea will decompose to produce hydrogen fluoride. This is a real and ongoing concern. Why? Because hydrogen fluoride causes major corrosion problems for electronics and connectors. You may save your equipment, but for how long?

Cover image

Magazine article: new energy concepts — new testing concepts downloadweblink

OMICRON electronicsThu, 19 Feb 2015

The effects of the changes in Germany’s energy policy are already being felt. Together with the photovoltaic systems installed in southern Germany and various biogas facilities, the countless wind turbines along the north German coast should cover at least 35 per cent of Germany’s total energy requirements by 2020. As this OMICRON Magazine article explains, REpower tested a new generation of high-performance offshore wind turbines at selected locations, although they were initially ...

Application note: accurate temperature sensing with an external P-N junction downloadweblink

Linear TechnologyWed, 18 Feb 2015

Many Linear Technology devices use an external PNP transistor to sense temperature. Common examples are the LTC3880, the LTC3883 and the LTC2974. Accurate temperature sensing depends on proper PNP selection, layout and device configuration. This application note reviews the theory of temperature sensing and gives practical advice on implementation.

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