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White paper: how industry leaders use people, processes and technology to drive innovation download

PlanviewFri, 3 Jul 2015

Companies want to raise the bar on innovation from incremental improvement to the kind of innovation that shows up in the annual report. Breakthrough innovation is visible to customers, the market, and investors. As Lana Kington of Mead Johnson Nutrition points out: ‘Whenever our management speaks to investors, they consistently highlight our innovation performance because of its importance to our consumers, our business and our reputation.’

Full architecture of new product development (2004)

White paper: seven mistakes to avoid when integrating NPD processes download

PlanviewFri, 3 Jul 2015

As companies experience maturity in some areas of their new product development (NPD) processes, they often begin to recognise gaps in other areas. This is a normal part of any organisation’s growth and development.


Technical article: why use a DC motor controller? downloadweblink

maxon motorThu, 2 Jul 2015

For most applications involving a DC or brushless DC motor, it is advisable to use a motor controller. In fact, if you are using a brushless, electrically commutated motor, then you have to use a controller to fire the correct phase winding at the right time. This article from maxon motor explains some of the common reasons why.

Infrared thermography

Tech Byte: transmission measurements and selective radiance downloadweblink

IRISSWed, 1 Jul 2015

Infrared (IR) thermography has never been a simple thing. Emissivity, reflections and transmission rates for IR windows can cause confusion and frustration without the proper knowledge, experience, training and skill. And those four qualities are exactly what the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) defines as certification. This paper from IRISS is intended to simplify the complex subject of IR window transmission.

Transition to 3D fabrication workflows

Technical article: transition to 3D fabrication workflows downloadweblink

Man and Machine Wed, 1 Jul 2015

This article from Man and Machine discusses the emergence of advanced 3D workflows, unified databases, accurate estimates and moving directly into fabrication.


Technical article: powder handling — a Guttridge speciality downloadweblink

GuttridgeTue, 30 Jun 2015

Powders can be considered as a type of granular material, but have a defining characteristic of consisting of relatively fine particles. This difference is a fundamental and important one that results in individual powders exhibiting far greater variability in bulk density than products containing larger granules. This is especially true of fine powders.

IoT ad

Technical article: is the IoT impacting your product strategy? If it isn't yet, it will downloadweblink

PlanviewTue, 30 Jun 2015

Wikipedia defines the Internet of Things (IoT) as the network of physical objects or ‘things’ with embedded electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices. According to Planview, the IoT is changing everything we thought we knew about product development and IT.

BIM white paper image

Technical article: framework for implementing a BIM business transformation downloadweblink

Man and Machine Tue, 30 Jun 2015

As this article from Man and Machine explains, there are few experiences that test the mettle of corporate leadership like implementing radical change within a large organisation. While business transformations are nothing new to industry, the kind of transformation we are seeing from building information modelling (BIM) today presents a new and unique set of challenges for the infrastructure industry, owing in large part to the technical complexity, scheduling and financing of today’s ...

Calibration and maintenance management software guide

Technical guide: calibration and maintenance management software download

GE Measurement & ControlFri, 26 Jun 2015

Calibration and the maintenance of process site instrumentation is vital for a number of reasons, such as to ensure that production output is achieved within set quality parameters and to meet regulatory requirements. This guide discusses collecting the data, calibration software, the types of software, and also provides information on GE Measurement & Control’s software management solution.

Technical article: PD testing and monitoring of HV XLPE cable systems download

OmniflexThu, 25 Jun 2015

The correct design and the quality of production of XLPE cable and its accessories, terminations and joints, is checked by various routine tests at the manufacturer’s plant according to relevant standards. However, installation work on site poses a possible risk of introducing faults, which could negatively impact reliable operation over time. Small particles, dust, and moisture might lead to defects in electrically critical locations of the accessories. Dielectric tests performed on ...

Tech Byte: preparing for infrared window installation — hints and tips download

IRISSTue, 23 Jun 2015

In this technical article, IRISS provides a range of infrared window installation hints and tips, including the following: preparing your infrared targets; treating bare metal surfaces; and ensuring you have extra cutting tools.

FLIR T650sc

Technical article: cooled versus uncooled thermal imaging download

Flir SystemsTue, 23 Jun 2015

This article addresses the commonly posed question: ’There is plenty of choice of thermal imaging cameras for R&D and scientific applications, for which applications should I use a cooled or an uncooled system?’


Technical article: 10 things you should know before buying bulk bag discharge equipment download

GuttridgeMon, 22 Jun 2015

Have you made the decision to have bulk materials delivered in bulk bags and are looking for discharge equipment to handle the product in a safe and effective manner? For easier, trouble-free sourcing of this equipment read Guttridge’s top 10 tips of things that you need to know before contacting a supplier.

'Infrared window installation hints and tips'

Tech Byte: infrared window installation hints and tips download

IRISSMon, 15 Jun 2015

In this article, IRISS provides a range of infrared window installation hints and tips, including the following: (1) take plenty of high-quality digital images; (2) know your infrared camera’s minimum focus distance; and (3) check the operation of the infrared window before energising the equipment.

'Oil contamination identified as a major cause of machinery failure'

Technical article: oil contamination identified as a major cause of machinery failure download

Bosch RexrothMon, 15 Jun 2015

Between 70 and 80 per cent of all hydraulic failures, which can lead to machinery failure, can be traced back to contaminated oil, according to drives and controls manufacturer Bosch Rexroth.

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