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White paper: future of remote asset management in the water industry downloadweblink

OmniflexFri, 23 Jan 2015

Traditional methods of remote monitoring and control using RTUs and SCADA systems are well entrenched in the water industry. But there is a wave of new technologies available now that have the potential to dramatically change the way we think and act in our endeavours to optimise our scarce water resources.

Art and science

White paper: balancing the art and science of the front end of innovation downloadweblink

PlanviewThu, 22 Jan 2015

ow do you drive innovation? Do you lead with intuition shaped by your experiences? Or do you take a more scientific approach, relying upon strategic plans, business models and market studies? Michael Raynor of Deloitte Consulting says: ‘Judgement is a significant part of the equation, but the facts define the parameters of the choices you face. Sure, the numbers matter, but only at the margin.’

Technical article: choosing the most suitable laser wavelength for your Raman application downloadweblink

PacerThu, 22 Jan 2015

Over the years, dispersive Raman spectroscopy has increasingly been implemented for material identification thanks to its portability and sampling flexibility. When choosing a Raman instrument, one of the primary concerns is the wavelength of the laser that is integrated into the Raman spectrometer system. Even though the Raman shift of any material is only related to the material’s specific chemical structure and is independent of the excitation wavelength, different wavelengths have ...

Technical article: positioning control — not where you should be? downloadweblink

maxon motorTue, 20 Jan 2015

When we think of a gearhead, we tend to assume that it is incompressible and rigid. The truth is it still bends, compresses and has elastic properties. This has an effect on the difference between the perceived motion (encoder counts) and the actual motion of a drive system — we are not where we are supposed to be. According to Mark Gibbons of maxon motor, when measuring anything we need to keep in mind how the instrumentation works and what are its limitations.

Omni16C alarm annunciator

White paper: understanding the role of alarm annunciators in plant safety downloadweblink

OmniflexTue, 20 Jan 2015

The aim of an alarm system is to prevent, or at the very least minimise, physical and economic loss to plant or people through operator intervention in response to a plant condition that has occurred, thus making the necessary corrective action and optimising production. Selection and prioritisation of alarms, and deciding which are deemed ‘critical’ that need to be displayed on an alarm annunciator to guarantee operator response under all scenarios, is not a trivial task. This paper ...

Application note: Linear Technology explores power supply layout and EMI downloadweblink

Linear TechnologyTue, 20 Jan 2015

PC-board layout determines the success or failure of every power supply project. It sets functional, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and thermal behaviour. Switching power supply layout is not black magic, but is often overlooked until it is too late in the design process. Fortunately, physics is on your side.

IAF Tornado stripped by means of plastic media

White paper: Envirotech discusses prevention and control in aircraft corrosion downloadweblink

Envirotech EuropeTue, 20 Jan 2015

Aircraft corrosion is a never-ending challenge where prevention and control play the fundamental role of ensuring the airworthiness requested. As this paper from Envirotech explains, corrosion prevention involves design optimisation and proper material selection, as well as correct finish specification and effective maintenance, inspection and repair.

Magnet configuration and orientation, design and prototype

White paper: self-tuning tuned-mass damper for machine tool chatter suppression downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.ATue, 20 Jan 2015

Tuned mass dampers are simple and efficient devices for the suppression of machine tool chatter, which is one of the principal effects limiting productivity in many machining processes. However, their effectiveness depends on a proper tuning of the damper dynamics to the dynamics of the machine. This involves the dynamic characterisation of the machining process, in order to identify the critical resonance frequency.

White paper: ensuring star rating compliance of green buildings in Australia downloadweblink

OmniflexMon, 12 Jan 2015

This white paper from Omniflex explores the requirements of monitoring and logging as required for compliance with ABGR and other ratings in Australia, and the real benefits that can be achieved by using remote monitoring and control to ensure compliance and to optimise the operation of buildings. The use of remote monitoring services as a solution for smaller buildings without a building management system is explored.

The harvester installed on the initial buckling tool

White paper: bistable piezoelectric harvester for wideband mechanical frequency excitation downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.AFri, 9 Jan 2015

This white paper focuses on a bistable harvester designed and invented by the SYMME laboratory using amplified piezoelectric actuator (APA) technology and the industrial know-how of Cedrat Technologies.

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White paper: Amplicon discusses Windows Embedded Standard 7 downloadweblink

AmpliconWed, 7 Jan 2015

As with standard desktops and laptops, protection from viruses, malicious users and general malware is of paramount importance for embedded devices. Additionally, you many need to preserve the runtime images of embedded systems by protecting them against write operations; because Windows Embedded Standard 7 is based on Windows 7, depending on your configuration, many of the same security vulnerabilities will apply.

White paper: active cardiac stabiliser — first in-vivo experiments using a robotised device downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.AMon, 5 Jan 2015

Off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is still today a technically difficult procedure. In fact, the mechanical stabilisers used to locally suppress the heart excursion have been demonstrated to exhibit significant residual motion. Cedrat Technologies proposes a novel active stabiliser that is able to compensate for this residual motion.

Application note: micropower circuits for signal conditioning downloadweblink

Linear TechnologyTue, 23 Dec 2014

Low-power operation of electronic apparatus has become increasingly desirable. Medical, remote data acquisition, power monitoring and other applications are good candidates for battery-driven, low-power operation. Micropower analogue circuits for transducer-based signal conditioning present a special class of problems. Although micropower ICs are available, the interconnection of these devices to form a functioning micropower circuit requires care.

White paper: optimising an electromechanical device with analysis software downloadweblink

Integrated Engineering SoftwareMon, 22 Dec 2014

Modern CAE software allows engineers to investigate a multitude of design variations that could not possibly be considered using conventional physical prototypes. This paper first illustrates parametric methods for automatically creating virtual prototypes of electromechanical actuators using the AMPERES and MAGNETO programs from Integrated Engineering Software. It also refers to a specific case study that shows how the Tecplot Chorus program can assist in determining optimal design ...

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Technical article: selecting a brushed or brushless DC motor — decisions, decisions downloadweblink

maxon motorMon, 22 Dec 2014

Are brushless motors just a technology fad or can they be of real benefit to design engineers? As maxon motor explains in this article, brushless DC motors are more popular than brushed motors at the moment, but the fundamental question when choosing a motor is ‘what does it need to do?’

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