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GF343 camera

GF343 camera from FLIR allows operators to quickly and safely detect carbon dioxide leaks downloadweblink

Flir SystemsFri, 23 Jan 2015

FLIR Systems has released the GF343, an optical gas imaging camera designed to enable users to detect and visualise carbon dioxide leaks quickly, easily and from a safe distance.

MSP430i202x mixed-signal microcontroller

Mouser Electronics releases TI mixed-signal microcontrollers for low-power applications downloadweblink

Mouser ElectronicsThu, 22 Jan 2015

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the MSP430i202x mixed-signal microcontroller series from Texas Instruments (TI). The low-power 16MHz 16-bit RISC microcontroller has up to four 24-bit sigma-delta analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) with differential programmable gain amplifier (PGA) inputs. Additional features include a hardware multiplier, a 75nA shutdown mode and a temperature sensor. Target applications include smart meters, power monitoring and control and precision sensors.

Transformer Diagnostics Conference & Workshop

OMICRON set to host second conference and workshop on enhancing transformer reliability weblink

OMICRON electronicsThu, 22 Jan 2015

Following the success of its 2013 event, OMICRON is set to host a second DMPT from 12–14 May 2015, centred on the theme ‘Enhancing transformer reliability’. The event will be held at Crewe Hall in Cheshire.

LTC6950 synthesiser core

Linear Technologies offers synthesiser core for generating and distributing low-jitter signals downloadweblink

Linear TechnologyThu, 22 Jan 2015

Linear Technology has launched the LTC6950, a low-phase-noise integer-N synthesiser core with an ultra-low jitter clock distribution output section. The LTC6950 is suitable for generating and distributing the low-jitter signals essential to clocking data converters with a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

ArtCAM 2015 coin

Delcam set to demonstrate the new putty tool in ArtCAM Pro at this year's World Money Fair downloadweblink

DelcamThu, 22 Jan 2015

A new ‘putty’ tool in the 2015 release of Delcam’s ArtCAM Pro CAD/CAM software for artistic applications will be demonstrated at the World Money Fair, which to be held in Berlin from 30 January to 1 February.

Circuit board montage

Seaward set to show electrical safety testers at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2015 downloadweblink

Seaward GroupThu, 22 Jan 2015

Seaward has announced that a range of high-performance electrical safety testers that enable manufacturers of electrical and electronic products to comply with the required performance and safety standards will be the focus of the Clare stand (G62) at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics.

ARBO pump

Michael Smith Engineers offers range of ARBO centrifugal pumps for challenging applications downloadweblink

Michael Smith EngineersThu, 22 Jan 2015

Transferring liquids from sumps and open tanks is often seen as a challenging pumping application due to the presence of solids, the possibility of aeration or foaming occurring, or simply due to the aggressive nature of the liquids being pumped. The new ARBO seal-less thermoplastic immersible centrifugal pumps available from Michael Smith Engineers are said to be ideal for these situations where metal pumps could suffer from the effects of corrosion.

SA series safety seismic switch

SA-3 seismic safety switch protects vulnerable structures from ground-borne vibration events downloadweblink

SensonicsThu, 22 Jan 2015

Condition monitoring specialist Sensonics is offering a range of solutions including seismometers, switches and structural monitoring devices for high-integrity seismic protection.


Sideflex from RUD Chains prevents sidewall damage to expensive dump-truck tyres downloadweblink

Rud ChainsWed, 21 Jan 2015

Sideflex from RUD Chains is designed to provide a cost-effective solution to the problem of sidewall damage to expensive and valuable dump-truck tyres, for construction and mining equipment — in particular earthmoving machines. 

Cardan joints

Cardan joints from WDS are able to transmit up to 1,074nm torque at various angles weblink

WDSWed, 21 Jan 2015

WDS Component Parts has launched a range of universal joints suitable for use wherever an application requires the transmission of rotary motion between two unaligned shafts. The steel components are available in many different dimensions and are capable of transmitting torque of up to 1,074nm at variable angles.


Flir Systems set to launch latest T-Series infrared cameras and more at Ecobuild downloadweblink

Flir Systems — ThermographyWed, 21 Jan 2015

Flir Systems is set to launch the latest T-Series infrared cameras at Ecobuild 2015, which is due to be held on 3–5 March at the ExCeL in London. The new models are said to be the first to include UltraMax — an image-processing feature that improves infrared resolution and sensitivity.

Sentry G3 machinery protection monitor

Sensonics launches advanced display options for Sentry G3 machinery protection monitor downloadweblink

SensonicsWed, 21 Jan 2015

Condition monitoring specialist Sensonics has introduced advanced display options for its Sentry G3 machinery protection monitor, a high-performance signal-conditioning unit. The latest Sentry G3 system not only provides machine protection with API670 but also offers an intuitive colour LCD display in each module to enable plant engineers to rapidly identify abnormal conditions.

WBPG hoist ring

RUD Chains introduces WBPG hoist ring designed for heavy-duty lifting tasks weblink

Rud ChainsTue, 20 Jan 2015

RUD Chains manufactures a range of lifting and lashing applications designed to ensure ultimate safety when lifting and moving heavy loads. The company’s latest product is the WBPG: a next-generation hoist ring for heavy-duty lifting.

xiros bearings

Igus to show xiros bearings and readychain speed system at Southern Manufacturing weblink

IgusTue, 20 Jan 2015

Tribopolymer specialist igus will showcase its xiros range of bearing products suitable for use in the food and packaging industry and readychain speed pre-harnessed energy chain system at this year’s Southern Manufacturing exhibition. Visitors to the company’s stand will also be able to view live product demonstrations and learn how igus can help optimise production processes and reduce costs.

Rittal expands modular TS IT rack to offer more than 100 configurations weblink

RittalTue, 20 Jan 2015

Rittal has expanded its modular TS IT rack to offer more than 100 configurations, providing customers with more options and greater flexibility for their IT enclosures. The range of enclosures comprises a selection of dimensions that can be combined with a choice of interior components.

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