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Piezoelectric sensor technology seminars

Kistler offers 25 per cent early-bird discount on piezoelectric force measurement seminars weblink

Kistler InstrumentsWed, 23 Apr 2014

Kistler Instruments is offering a 25 per cent discount on all bookings made before the 31 August 2014 for its one-day piezoelectric force measurement seminars set for October. The seminars are relevant to all those responsible for designing and building instrumentation and measurement systems, especially where long-term reliable operation is a priority.

M2talk video card

M2talk video card from Advantech-GPEG allows control of networked monitor systems weblink

Advantech-GPEGWed, 23 Apr 2014

Advantech-GPEG has introduced the M2talk video card, which gives users remote access and control of any networked monitor system without the need for costly additional wiring, communication ports or power supplies, enabling them to react to real-time events and interact directly with customers.

E4.1 chain

E4.1 extender chain from Igus can help carry large hoses downloadweblink

IgusWed, 23 Apr 2014

The E4.1 light e-chain from Igus has been designed to meet engineers’ and designers’ need for a strong but light e-chain. According to the company, it combines the benefits of the E4.1 series’ ruggedness and the E2/000 system’s easy accessibility. 

MIT1525 15kV insulation tester

Megger introduces two 15kV insulation testers for industrial, OEM, utility and service use downloadweblink

MeggerWed, 23 Apr 2014

Megger has introduced two instruments with 15kV testing capabilities: the MIT1525 and S1-1568. Developed in response to the growing recognition of the benefits of 15kV DC insulation testing, the MIT1525 has been optimised for use in the industrial and OEM sectors while the S1-1568 has been designed for use by utilities and service organisations.

Phoseon FireEdge UV LED cure device

Intertronics introduces Phoseon FireEdge UV LED cure devices downloadweblink

IntertronicsWed, 23 Apr 2014

Intertronics has introduced its air-cooled Phoseon FireEdge UV LED cure range, which is designed for pinning and curing adhesives, coatings and inks with high peak irradiance up to 5W/cm2 and small form factor.

Freescale MPX2053 series

Mouser Electronics offers Freescale MPX2053 series air pressure sensors downloadweblink

Mouser ElectronicsWed, 23 Apr 2014

Mouser Electronics is offering MPX2053 series air pressure sensors from Freescale Semiconductor. The sensors provide highly accurate pressure readings from 0–7.25psi (0–50kPa). The series is designed for a variety of applications that demand a high level of accuracy, including medical diagnostic equipment such as blood pressure monitors, pump motor control, robotics and pressure switching.

Pnu Power range

Critical Power Supplies set to supply Pnu Power compressed-air battery systems weblink

Critical Power Supplies Wed, 23 Apr 2014

Critical Power and Flowbattery have announced a collaboration agreement that will see both companies aiming for the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market sectors, including flywheel UPS, fuel-cell UPS and large data-centre UPS installations.

LTC3624 regulator

LTC3624 synchronous regulator from Linear Technology is suitable for Li-Ion stack inputs downloadweblink

Linear TechnologyWed, 23 Apr 2014

The LTC3624 is a high-efficiency, 17V-input-capable synchronous buck regulator from Linear Technology that delivers up to 2A of continuous output current to outputs as low as 0.6V. Synchronous rectification delivers efficiencies as high as 95 per cent, while Burst Mode operation requires only 3.5µA of no-load quiescent current.

EMKA Protector vandal resistant swinghandles with electronic operation

EMKA introduces electronic Protector swinghandles to range weblink

EMKAWed, 23 Apr 2014

EMKA Protector IP65 vandal-resistant swinghandles have been designed specifically for installations on street furniture or cabinets in isolated areas where there is high risk of spurious attacks. EMKA has now introduced an electronic version of the range.

Atmel SAMA5D3 Xplained evaluation kit

SAMA5D3 Xplained kit allows developers to evaluate features of Atmel processor downloadweblink

Mouser ElectronicsTue, 22 Apr 2014

The Atmel SAMA5D3 Xplained evaluation kit is now available from Mouser. The kit is a low-cost prototyping board for the Atmel SAMA5D3 series of processors based on the ARM Cortex-A5 processor core. The board supports an external LCD interface, Gigabit Ethernet and Arduino-R3 expansion headers.

Orthomodel 2014

Delcam introduces Orthomodel 2014 for the design of custom orthotic insoles downloadweblink

DelcamTue, 22 Apr 2014

The 2014 version of Orthomodel software for the design of custom orthotic insoles is now available from Delcam. The release includes improvements to the user interface to improve workflow and reduce design times, enhancements to pad design and placement, a more sophisticated re-ordering process and faster and more reliable import of scan data.


E-Spool from Igus can guide multiple cables within confined spaces in a number of fields weblink

IgusTue, 22 Apr 2014

The E-Spool from Igus has been designed to guide multiple cables within confined spaces. The product is suitable for a number of fields of application, including process cranes, mobile crane trucks, sorting plants or stage applications. The E-Spool is an alternative to the classic cable drum, accommodating power, data, air and media together in one system.

Matrox Imaging Library training

Matrox Imaging schedules more classroom training for MIL processing tools weblink

Matrox ImagingTue, 22 Apr 2014

Matrox Imaging has scheduled another round of classroom training on the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) processing tools and the MIL/MIL-Lite environment. The session will be held on 16–20 June 2014 at the company’s headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and registration before 16 May qualifies for a 20 per cent saving on tuition.

Lead resistance calculator app

Seaward launches lead resistance calculator app to eliminate test errors weblink

Seaward GroupThu, 17 Apr 2014

Seaward has launched a user-friendly app designed to help PAT professionals carry out earth continuity testing efficiently and accurately.


FlexIR electrical safety device from IRISS is designed for inspecting isophase buses weblink

IRISSThu, 17 Apr 2014

Using polymer infrared window technology, which is shatter and vibration proof, and does not degrade over time even in the presence of high UV, IRISS has developed its FlexIR electrical safety device for isophase buses.

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