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Tsc series cameras

FLIR introduces UltraMax technology for Tsc series handheld research and science cameras downloadweblink

Flir SystemsThu, 21 May 2015

FLIR Systems has introduced UltraMax technology for its Tsc series of handheld research and science cameras. With the new UltraMax feature, researchers will be able to further improve the resolution of native thermal images for even greater clarity and a higher level of temperature measurement accuracy.

OC Robotics offers remote robots for handling operations in confined or hazardous spaces weblink

maxon motorFri, 22 May 2015

OC Robotics has developed remote robots designed for handling operations within confined or hazardous spaces.

Gallium nitride power transistors

GaN Systems launches high-current gallium nitride power transistor for power conversion weblink

GaN Systems Fri, 22 May 2015

GaN Systems has launched the latest addition to its range of E-mode GaN-on-Silicon high power transistors based on its three core proprietary technologies. The GaN high-power enhancement-mode device, designated the GS65516T, boasts the highest current capability on the market at 60A and further expands GaN Systems’ range of power switching semiconductors. 

Cree 12GHz GaN HEMT-based MMIC

Mouser Electronics offers Cree 12GHz GaN HEMT-based MMICs for high-frequency use weblink

Mouser ElectronicsFri, 22 May 2015

Mouser Electronics is now stocking gallium nitride high-electron mobility transistor (HEMT) monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) from Cree. These MMICs target X-band and C-band high frequency applications.

inoCASE enclosures

ROLEC offers inoCASE and inoCASE mini electronic enclosures in V4A stainless downloadweblink

Rolec EnclosuresFri, 22 May 2015

ROLEC’s inoCASE and inoCASEmini electronic enclosures are now available in V4A stainless steel for added strength, resilience and corrosion resistance.

TTI Europe offers ruggedised connectors for high-performance in extreme military/aero weblink

TTI EuropeFri, 22 May 2015

Four ruggedised connectors from TE Connectivity designed for military, aerospace and space applications, are now available. TE’s Mezalok, MULTIGIG RT 2-R, CeeLok FAS-T and Fortis Zd series high performance interconnects provide high-speed, reliable and lightweight, robust solutions in harsh environments.  

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Infolytica releases MagNet for Solidworks 3D CAD package weblink

InfolyticaFri, 22 May 2015

Infolytica has announced the release of its latest MagNet for SOLIDWORKS update, the company’s electromagnetic field simulation add-in to the 3D CAD package. This update includes improvements made to the interface, post-processing and speed of the software.

LT8495 DC/DC converter

LT8495 DC/DC converter from Linear Technology suitable for industrial applications downloadweblink

Linear TechnologyFri, 22 May 2015

Linear Technology has introduced the LT8495, a current-mode, fixed-frequency SEPIC/boost DC/DC converter with an internal 2A, 70V switch. Ultralow quiescent current of only 9µA makes it ideal for always on automotive systems, and its integrated power-on reset (POR) and watchdog timer offer enhanced system reliability required in automotive and industrial applications. 


igus e-spool is versatile alternative to cable reeling drums weblink

IgusFri, 22 May 2015

Designed to offer flexible secure cable and hose supply on moving applications, e-spool is ideal for stage and theatre, crane, and other material-handling applications.

Mouser Electronics hopes China Racing Formula-E Team continues winning form weblink

Mouser ElectronicsThu, 21 May 2015

Mouser Electronics is hoping the China Racing Formula-E Team continues the form it displayed in winning the Long Beach event in the US, then taking a podium place in Monaco earlier this month, as the team now sets its sights on Berlin on 23 May.

Meltmaster monitor enables quick and safe measurement of foundry metal temperatures weblink

Land InstrumentsThu, 21 May 2015

Measuring the temperature of molten metal in a foundry can be a slow and disruptive process. The use of disposable dip thermocouples can be both expensive and hazardous. The Meltmaster device from Land Instruments is claimed to be fast, accurate and easy to use and does not contact the liquid metal.

2SC0115T2A0-12 dual-channel gate-driver core

Power Integrations releases gate-driver core for 90kW to 500kW inverters and converters downloadweblink

Power IntegrationsThu, 21 May 2015

Power Integrations has launched the 2SC0115T2A0-12 dual-channel gate-driver core for 90kW to 500kW inverters and converters. Leveraging SCALE-2 integrated circuit and isolated transformer technology for DC/DC power and switching signal transmission, the new driver core improves system reliability and performance by eliminating the need for an optocoupler. 


Fall protection anchorage points from RUD Chains help to ensure safety weblink

Rud ChainsThu, 21 May 2015

RUD Chains has introduced PSA-Fall Protection Anchorage Points PSA-VRS (STAR-POINT) and PSA-INOX-STAR — these are not lifting points of the traditional type; rather they are designed as fixing points, which means they can be used as personnel protection equipment.

Ethernet chainflex cable

igus offers range of Ethernet chainflex cables qualified for CAT 5, 6, 6A and 7 standards weblink

IgusThu, 21 May 2015

Energy chain and continuous flex cable expert igus now offers a full range of Ethernet chainflex cables, qualified for CAT 5, 6, 6A and 7 standards. Each cable type has been tested for more than 40 million strokes at the igus test facility in Cologne, ensuring secure data transmission even under high mechanical demands.


Mouser releases Freescale reference design suitable for DC motor control applications weblink

Mouser ElectronicsThu, 21 May 2015

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the StarterTRAK TRK-S12VR-WLFT reference design from Freescale Semiconductor. The reference design is suitable for DC motor control, industrial and automotive power-operated systems and relay-based applications.

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