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Hielscher Ultrasonics is known worldwide as top supplier of innovative ultrasonic devices, from lab homogenisers to industrial processing reactors. Typical applications include mixing and homogenising, grinding, dispersing and emulsifying, extraction, lysis and disintegration and sonochemistry.

Covering this wide range of applications, Hielscher’s ultrasonic devices are successfully used in almost every liquid processing industry: the dispersing and wet milling of particles in the ink, paint and coating sector; the processing of nanomaterials, i.e. to precipitate or functionalise nano-size particles; ultrasonic mixing for biodiesel production; sonochemistry and sonocatalysis to improve chemical reactions; lysis, fermentation and digestion for biological applications; homogenising, extracting and pasteurisation for food processing; or ultrasonic cleaning for endless materials, such as wire, cable, rods, tapes or tubes.

Ultrasonic devices made by Hielscher are used for lab samples, pilot-scale processing, process optimisation and full-scale production. This includes ultrasonic devices for the ultrasonication of any liquid volume, from several microlitres through hundreds of cubic metres per hour.


Hielscher USA 19 Forest Road Ringwood NJ 07456 US
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