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CCPI series valve

Lee Products offers corrosion-resistant check valve for applications such as medical printing weblink

Lee ProductsThu, 26 Mar 2015

Lee Products has introduced a miniature, medical-grade, stainless steel, cartridge-style, corrosion-resistant check valve specifically designed for installation into plastics that have sufficient elongation, such as nylon, polyethylene, acetal and PEEK. The new CCPI series valve is suitable for medical inkjet printing and other similar micro-hydraulic liquids-handling applications.

LT3744 LED driver

LT3744 step-down DC/DC converter delivers constant current to drive high-current LEDs download

Linear TechnologyFri, 27 Mar 2015

Linear Technology has launched the LT3744, a synchronous step-down DC/DC converter designed to deliver constant current to drive high-current LEDs. Its 3.3–36V input voltage range makes it suitable for applications including industrial, DLP projection and architectural lighting.

Tray transfer and handling system

mk Profile Systems introduces tray transfer and handling system weblink

mk Profile SystemsThu, 26 Mar 2015

The recently developed tray transfer and handling system from mk Profile Systems is designed to work with a patented, reusable tray that is fully compatible with automation systems. As a result, even the smallest batch can be cost-effectively automated.

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