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EMKA AGENT E wireless swinghandle gets added RFID swipe card security

EMKA's AGENT E swinghandles have added RFID swipe card security downloadweblink

EMKAFri, 28 Nov 2014

Central network wireless control, coupled with RFID transponder swipe card technology, adds higher levels of security to EMKA’s programme 3000 AGENT E battery-powered electronically controlled swinghandles for data cabinet protection.

Electronic pressure sensor from Roemheld

Electronic pressure sensor from Roemheld measures hydraulic clamping fixtures weblink

RoemheldFri, 28 Nov 2014

Roemheld has launched an electronic pressure sensor that offers stationary and mobile measurement of rotating or hard-to-reach sections of hydraulic clamping fixtures. Said to be ideal for applications where wired connections are impractical or too expensive, the sensor uses radio transmission with a free-field range of up to 300m.

FLIR E8 thermal-imaging camera

FLIR E8 thermal-imaging camera features manual level and span thermal tuning downloadweblink

Flir Systems — ThermographyFri, 28 Nov 2014

FLIR has made enhancements to its E8 thermal-imaging camera, the latest of which is manual level and span thermal tuning that gives the user flexible control over the brightness and contrast of the target image. This makes it easier to see more subtle temperature differences and define detail.

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