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robolink modules from igus are suitable for a range of robotic applications weblink

IgusFri, 30 Jan 2015

robolink, from polymer specialist igus, is a range of state-of the-art articulated modules that can be used in a wide range of robotic applications, from the packaging industry to animatronic operations and even explosive equipment handling.


BEKO offers METPOINT BDL compact data logger for compressed air systems downloadweblink

Beko TechnologiesFri, 30 Jan 2015

The METPOINT BDL compact data logger from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES allows for the connection of two to four transducers or sensors in a user-defined manner — with pressure transducers, for example, or with pressure dew-point transmitters, volume-flow sensors, temperature sensors, clip-on ammeters and so on.


Bowers set to launch XT3-BT bore gauge and more at Southern Manufacturing 2015 weblink

Bowers MetrologyFri, 30 Jan 2015

At Southern Manufacturing 2015, Bowers Group will launch the XT3-BT bore gauge, which is designed to help operators improve inspection efficiency.

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