Ethernet Powerlink Standardisation Group announces conference series

B and R Industrial Automation

Ethernet Powerlink conferences

The Ethernet Powerlink Standardisation Group has announced a series of 11 conferences dedicated to industrial Ethernet that will take place in five countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Conference attendees can discover how a consistent and well-integrated solution of robotics, vision, pneumatics, motion and control can boost businesses’ automation performance while providing added value.

The conferences have been organised by B and R, ASCO Numatics, Cognex and Staubli.

They will consist of presentations, technical workshops, and live demonstrations, where the partner companies will show how the core technologies of automation can be networked to create an integrated solution based on Powerlink.

Dates and locations


Birmingham — 16 November 2011


Paris — 12 October 2011

Lyon — 18 October 2011

Nantes — 20 October 2011


Cologne — 13 October 2011

Stuttgart — 26 October 2011

Munich — 10 November 2011


Bologna — 27 October 2011

Milano — 25 October 2011


Zurich — 27 September 2011

Yverdon — 29 September 2011

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