ESAB releases latest edition of Svetsaren journal

Svetsaren journal

The latest edition of Svetsaren, a welding and cutting technology journal, is now available from ESAB.

Features include detailed technical articles and case studies relating to manual and automated welding and cutting in the transportation industries.

In addition, the journal contains a round-up of recent news from ESAB, along with new welding and cutting equipment.

One article explains how the friction stir welding (FSW) process has been developed for use on geometries other than straight or circumferential joints.

By mounting an FSW head on a heavy-duty standard industrial robot, ESAB has created a means by which the process can be used on 3D joints.

Known as Rosio, the system can process aluminium alloys with thicknesses up to 5mm.

Svetsaren also features a number of productivity-related application stories.

For example, Emcon Technologies Brazil has reduced cycle times by 25 per cent after switching to a ferritic stainless-metal-cored wire for welding catalytic converters.

Other applications illustrate the benefits of robotic welding, the increased productivity offered by the Marathon Pac bulk wire system, how optimised welding processes can eliminate the need for manual finishing and the advantages of using copper-free wire for robotic welding.

Technical articles in this issue of Svetsaren include an explanation of the way in which low-temperature transformation (LTT) welding consumables can improve fatigue life.

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