Teseq designs coupling/decoupling networks featuring equipment-under-test terminals

CDN 3043 series of networks

Teseq has designed a series of three-phase coupling/decoupling networks as a high-performance extension to the NSG 3040 range of multifunction generators.

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The CDN 3043 series of networks includes six models, all of which feature a high level of user comfort and common safety functions.

The networks incorporate dedicated equipment-under-test terminals, and no specific adapter plugs are required.

At standby or with lower equipment-under-test currents, when there is no need for cooling, the internal cooling fans will turn at a low speed, generating very little audible noise. Fan speed will increase as required when the CDN is in use.

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Further features

  • Safety-isolated terminal key
  • High-value shielded high-voltage safety plugs
  • Dynamic cooling system
  • Phase rotation detector

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