Electrical installation test kit from Seaward features Powertest 1557 multifunction tester

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Best of British Powertest 1557 electrical installation test kit

The Best of British Powertest 1557 electrical installation test kit from Seaward incorporates the Powertest 1557 multifunction tester, a limited-edition Quickcheck verification key ring and a calibration certificate. The kit is designed for 17th Edition electrical installation testing.

The lightweight and handheld Powertest 1557 installation tester is designed for maximum portability.

Included in the instruments’ test capabilities are a non-trip loop test, automatic RCD testing, 100V, 250V and 500V insulation test outputs and the ability to zero out test lead resistance for very low resistance measurements.

The pocket-sized Quickcheck verification card key ring enables users to quickly verify that the Powertest 1557 is still working within specification for earth continuity and insulation resistance tests.

The Best of British Powertest 1557 kit is priced at £299 for a limited period only.

Click on the link above to download the Powertest 1557 data sheet.

Key features

  • An integral cordless probe is included in the test kit
  • Earth loop, line loop, PFD and PSC tests are accessible with one press of a button in less than five seconds
  • Colour-coded tests for earth continuity, insulation resistance, loop impedance, line impedance, RCD tests and voltage measurements can be selected using a large rotary switch and pushbutton control
  • A manufacturer’s certificate of calibration is included to provide quality assurance

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