Polytec offers laser Doppler vibrometer for characterising the dynamic behaviour of MEMS


Laser Doppler vibrometer

Polytec has introduced the UHF-120 laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV), which, featuring a frequency range of up to 1,200MHz, is designed for the characterisation of high-frequency dynamic behaviour of micro components and HF transducers.

According to the company, the laser Doppler vibrometer enables engineers to investigate the dynamics of micro components such as MEMS, transducer technologies and combinations of micro- and nanotechnology with ultrasonic actuation, characterising mechanical responses at these frequencies and displacements.

It suits such tasks because laser-based, non-contact optical testing avoids mass loading from direct contact to provide the entire frequency range split into phases, as well as allowing analysis of transients and decay phases in the time domain.

Polytec’s UHF-120 ‘ultra-high-frequency’ vibrometer has an extended bandwidth that allows characterisation of out-of-plane vibration frequencies bandwidth up to 1.2GHz and the velocity range to more than 100m/s.

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