Micro-Epsilon offers laser profile sensors for use in manufacture of printed circuit boards


Scancontrol series of laser profile sensors

Manufacturers of printed circuit boards (PCBs) can use Micro-Epsilon’s Scancontrol series of laser profile sensors to inspect integrated circuit (IC) pins, connectors and contacts immediately after production.

The sensors detect the presence of the pins and connectors, as well as their completeness, length and swash circumference.

According to the company, to ensure manufacturing quality, all connectors and contact strips must be subjected to 100 per cent inline inspection. For this type of inspection process, the Scancontrol LLT2800-25 and LLT2750-25 laser profile scanners are particularly useful.

For very small connection plug boards, the LLT2800-10 system is said to be the best option thanks to its high resolution.

Key information

  • During the production process, the connection plug board to be inspected is guided under the laser line of the scanner.
  • A height profile is then generated in 3D, which is then evaluated by software using a standard industrial PC or laptop.
  • Depending on the condition of the IC pins, the measurement can either be carried out directly on top of the pins or by using ‘master plates’ that generate the precise height profile of the pins using small plungers.
  • The Scancontrol sensors work on the laser line triangulation measuring principle, operating at up to 1.2 million measurement points per second.

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