Award-winning Nigeriasat-2 satellite features key components made by Optical Surfaces

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Optical components

Optics from Optical Surfaces have helped Surrey Satellite Technology win the 2012 Sir Arthur Clarke award for ‘Best Space Activity — Industry/Project’ for the Nigeriasat-2 Earth observation satellite. Nigeriasat-2 was built for the Nigerian Space Agency (NASRDA).

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The 300kg satellite incorporates a high-performance camera with key optical components manufactured by Optical Surfaces.

It has been able to capture 2.5m-resolution images, enabling detailed analyses of ground structures, aircraft and vehicles.

Nigeriasat-2 carries two imagers: a 2.5m-resolution panchromatic imager and a 5m-resolution multispectral imager with a swath width of 20km.

Key benefits of product application

  • Optical Surfaces’ skilled craftsmen produced the 385mm light-weighted primary mirror and other optics in the Cassegrain camera, with a surface accuracy of lambda/20p-v; these optics have enabled the satellite to take high-resolution images.
  • The company is claimed to be one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-precision optics for satellite deployment and astronomical research.
  • Its manufacturing workshops and test facilities are ISO 9001-2008 approved.

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