Laser Components offers range of laser process heads for industrial environments

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Laser process heads.

Laser Components is offering a range of laser process heads that it says are designed to deliver laser beams to workpieces with the precision, accuracy and stability needed in an industrial environment.

Its modular components feature a carefully considered design as well as a robust finish, while the standard 19mm aperture components are suitable for a maximum laser power of 500W.

The laser process heads provide a protective housing for the focus lens. X-Y focus lens adjustment and nozzle tip stand-off adjustment is available with each process head.

To assist gas to the workpiece, the process head is equipped with an internal gas jet manifold. The laser heads are compatible with CO2 and solid-state lasers such as Nd:YAG.

Laser Components also offers a micromachining laser process head, which is designed for fine cutting and welding applications. The unit accepts a wide variety of both cutting and welding optics, while its modular design permits custom configurations for specific applications.

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