Cooper Crouse-Hinds offers explosion-proof fluorescent light fittings for refineries

Cooper Crouse-Hinds

ELLS 08 ex-fluorescent light fittings

The ELLS 08 series of explosion-proof ex-fluorescent light fittings from Cooper Crouse-Hinds are suitable for use in hazardous gas and dust environments such as on- and offshore facilities, refineries, pharmaceuticals and chemical and petrochemical applications, as well as dusty production environments, including bakeries, sugar, wood and metal processing.

The lights are certified in accordance with ATEX and IECEX standards for use in hazardous gas (zone 1) and dust (zone 21) environments, and can operate with a temperature range of -25 to 55°C.

They feature a seawater-resistant, stainless steel (316Ti) housing and are fitted with a two-channel electronic ballast that includes an end-of-life safety circuit, which allows the light to be monitored at the end of its life and turned off safely.

Additionally, a double-sided lock with 10 or 20 latch points that enable the protective bowl to be hinged on each side so that users can mount the fitting without having to worry about which side is the right one, thereby simplifying maintenance.

An emergency lighting version of the unit — the ELLS 08 NIB — is also offered, which features a self-contained battery and ’intelligent’ microelectronics.

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