Startaboard helps children develop computer skills



The Startaboard keyboard, available from Aerco, can be used in schools to help young children develop computer interface skills.

It is also suitable for those with special needs such as dyslexia.

Suitable for preschool and Key Stage 1 children, Startaboard is the same size as a normal keyboard but has keys that are 10 times larger, making it easier for children to see, feel, touch and operate.

All the keys are colour coded and are in lower case.

All keys in the 'qwerty' layout have white lettering on a colour-coded background with consonant keys in green, vowels in purple, number keys in red, symbol keys in orange and the remaining function keys and space bar in blue.

The Startaboard keyboard works straight out of the box and is available with Combo, PS/2 and USB interfaces.

It is compatible with Windows operating systems, including Vista.

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