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Liebert CRV

Emerson Network Power has announced Liebert CRV, a new precision cooling unit designed for servers located in the server rooms and data centres of SMBs.

The unit - to be installed between the racks - requires no specific cooling knowledge and fits into any server room layout required by system administrators.

Placed in a hot aisle/cold aisle layout, Liebert CRV draws air from the hot aisle, filters it, conditions it, and finally delivers it to the cold aisle, to the front of servers and other IT devices.

Cooled air can be directed to the right, to the left or to both sides, as required, by means of integrated adjustable diffusers.

Its features make Liebert CRV particularly suitable as the single conditioning solution for the typical SMB processing environment that does not exceed 100m2 with a maximum of 30 racks.

The Emerson Network Power unit can, however, also be used in larger data centres to eliminate hotspots, for instance resulting from the implementation of high-density solutions.

Liebert CRV can adapt to the load: cooling capacity as well as electricity consumption are always proportional to the actual demand of servers.

Through integrated iCOM software and temperature sensors in the racks, Liebert CRV constantly monitors the thermal load generated by the IT equipment and automatically adjusts its operation to deliver only the cooling power required, without excess.

With Liebert CRV, SMBs can achieve a substantial increase of energy efficiency, reducing the operating costs of IT environments.

These savings are enhanced by electronic switching fans and Digital Scroll technology, both controlled by iCOM, which respectively modulate the airflow capacity and the compressor operation according to the actual requirements of the computing infrastructure.

Liebert CRV is available in sizes from 22kW to 36kW for direct expansion versions and 44kW for chilled-water versions.

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