Power Integrations releases compact 25W LED lighting ballast reference design for T8 tubes

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DER-287 reference design

Power Integrations has published the DER-287 reference design for a 25W LED T8 tube ballast power supply designed to reach 91 per cent efficiency and to be used in commercial and industrial lighting.

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The DER-287 is a single-stage converter built around LNK409EG, from the Linkswitch-PH family of LED driver ICs, and meets commercial requirements for power factor (PF greater than 0.9) and harmonic distortion (EN61000-3-2 Class C).

According to Power Integrations, single-stage technology increases product lifetime by eliminating the opto-isolators and large aluminium electrolytic input bulk capacitors required by conventional two-stage solutions.

The single-stage IC DER-287 has a monolithic design that combines controller, driver, switching MOSFETs and protection features into a single package, meaning that implementation requires very few external components — which is beneficial to compact T8 tube enclosures.

The Linkswitch-PH video, data sheet, application notes, and other design examples are available on the company’s website.

Key features

  • Monolithic design
  • Power factor greater than 0.9
  • Harmonic distortion: EN61000-3-2 Class C
  • Reaches 91 per cent efficiency
  • Low THD and high PF meet commercial requirements
  • Features over-temperature and over-current protection

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