Eplan P8 Macros available on Eplan Data Portal


Eplan P8 software

Puls has announced that technical data and Eplan P8 Macros for its Dimension and Miniline ranges are now available on the Eplan Data Portal.

The move will streamline the CAE design process and allow the seamless implementation of Puls's technology into the project.

The portal provides access to high-end CAE/CAD software used by designers in the field of electro engineering.

The Eplan P8 software, developed by the Friedhelm Loh Group, offers unlimited options for project planning, documentation and administration of automation projects.

Puls product data and Eplan certified Macros can be downloaded from the portal and transferred into any individual project.

The data portal will be regularly updated by Puls as new products and product data become available.

Old Eplan 5 macros will still be available on the Puls website but will no longer be provided for new products.

Puls order numbers, technical Macros for the creation of circuit diagrams, construction drawings for assembly and functional diagrams for easy product selection or preview pictures can be easily selected via drag-and-drop from the Eplan Data Portal into the CAE-Project.

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