Wittenstein introduces the State Viewer plug-in

Wittenstein High Integrity Systems

State Viewer

Wittenstein High Integrity Systems has introduced an Eclipse-based kernel-aware plug-in for FreeRTOSTM, an open-source kernel for embedded micro-controllers.

State Viewer provides full debug support for the commercially supported OpenRTOSTM kernel.

The State Viewer plug-in also provides enhanced kernel awareness, with features including a snapshot of the task-switching and resource states and the ability to check the stack-usage of each task.

This means engineers working in an Eclipse environment can develop and debug applications more quickly.

The plug-in works with a range of OpenRTOSTM implementations deployed on 32-bit microcontrollers, including Freescale's Coldfire and ARM Cortex M3.

Wittenstein has also released OpenRTOSTM for Freescale Coldfire V2, which supports Codewarrior v7.x and Eclipse/GCC.

OpenRTOSTM is API-compatible with FreeRTOSTM but provides a robust, commercially supported and licensed kernel.

The implementation requires less than 5kB of Rom and fewer than 500 bytes of Ram for each task in a typical application.

It supports advanced interrupt nesting on the Coldfire v2 architecture, giving maximum flexibility for application developers.

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