Ocean Blue to supply DVB software to IP4.tv

Ocean Blue

DVB software

IP4.tv, a European OEM/ODM manufacturer of next-generation IP, DVB set-top boxes, has chosen Ocean Blue Software to supply DVB software for its new EVO-3x platform.

This will be showcased at this year's IP and TV World Forum.

IP4.tv selected Ocean Blue Software's Sunrise HD and Surfsoft PVR software for the DVB-S, T and C receivers, which will also support DVB security standards such as CI+, Conax and Irdeto.

The EVO3-x platform offers advanced features such as a 3D user interface and web-based applications.

The platform will support the latest streaming formats such as Adaptive streaming and Progressive Download out of the box.

It will also offer support for CE-HTML and Adobe Flash 10.x, making it HbbTV compliant and ready for Youview.

The EVO3 platform is suitable for cable providers, IPTV networks, system integrators and brand manufacturers with a requirement for future-proof, reliable, flexible STB solutions based on the latest internet and DVB standards.

This offers the latest functionality required by the end consumer and operator market.

Customers of IP4.tv are European brands in the retail, cable and operator markets.

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