Enea announces support for Texas Instruments’ applications processor

OMAP-L138 Applications Processor

Enea has announced support for Texas Instruments’ OMAP-L138 Applications Processor.

For developers building low-power applications with the TI OMAP-L138, the Enea solution is said to provide a complete, production-ready and fully supported system-development environment based on a single programming model (API) and tools across all cores.

The system features the Enea OSE RTOS for ARM926EJ-S, Enea OSE compact kernel RTOS optimised for TI’s C6000 DSPs; Enea Linx for interprocess communication; Enea Dspeed, a system-level field debug and management framework, and Enea Optima development suite.

Key specifications

  • TI’s OMAP-L138 is a low-power applications processor based on an ARM926EJ-S and a TMS320C674x DSP core
  • It is designed to allow OEMs to quickly bring to market devices requiring robust operating system support, rich user interfaces and high processing performance life, according to the company
  • Provides the benefits of both fixed/floating point DSP and Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) technologies

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