Datalight updates flash memory management software


FlashFX Pro 4.1

Datalight, a developer of technologies that manage data in embedded devices, has announced FlashFX Pro 4.1, the latest version of its flash memory management software.

The latest version extends the performance and flexibility formerly only available for Microsoft Windows CE and Windows Mobile to users of Wind River VXWorks and other RTOS environments.

The company said that FlashFX Pro 4.1 offers enhanced performance through features such as 'deferred discard', which speeds NAND write operations.

It also includes optimisation of the Marvell PXA320 and Texas Instruments OMAP3 platforms, specific optimisations for Samsung OneNAND and Micron SLC NAND and improvements in background compaction performance and memory efficiency.

The product also extends battery life for mobile devices by enabling suspend/resume operations at the flash level.

Improved design flexibility is the result of an enhanced OEM-level API, which allows a virtual disk to span multiple flash devices and dynamic creation/destruction of block device instances.

General support for one-time programming (OTP) and an EA streaming API for use in boot-loader environments is also included.

Support for block locking/unlocking and general support for flash serial numbers is said to improve security features of FlashFX.

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