Offline LED driver from Maxim Integrated Products provides flicker-free dimming

Maxim Integrated Productscontact supplier

MAX16841 LED driver

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced an offline LED driver for industrial, commercial and residential lighting applications such as retrofit dimmable LED lamps and universal LED bulbs.

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The MAX16841 provides flicker-free dimming from maximum light intensity down to zero intensity with both leading-edge (triac) and trailing-edge (transistor) dimmers.

Constant frequency control is designed to optimise efficiency at both low- and high-AC line voltages.

The LED driver prolongs the life of LED lamps because it can operate without electrolytic capacitors; eliminating capacitors also saves space and cost, according to the company.

Key specifications

  • Input range of 90VAC to 265VAC
  • Temperature range of -40°C to 125°C
  • Suitable for both high-AC line voltages (220VAC to 230VAC) and low-AC line voltages (100VAC to 120VAC)


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