ZMD offers smart sensor signal conditioner ICs for industrial pressure sensing applications


ZSSC3131, ZSSC3135, ZSSC3136 and ZSSC3138

ZMD has introduced four smart-sensor signal conditioner ICs that are designed for the signal conditioning of resistive-bridge sensing elements, such as silicon or ceramic-based piezo-resistive transducers or thin-/thick-film or gauge-type sensor elements.

The ZSSC3131, ZSSC3135, ZSSC3136 and ZSSC3138 are suitable for automotive and industrial pressure-sensing applications, such as HVAC, cooling, pneumatic brakes and other hydraulic systems.

According to the company, the different feature sets allow for applications including under and over pressure switches for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as well as failsafe, SIL-compliant switches and high-accuracy pressure monitoring systems for HVAC and pneumatic brake applications.

Diagnostics functions range from a basic sensor connectivity check with the ZSSC3135 and ZSSC3138, to a complete set of SIL-compliant sensor diagnostics with the ZSSC3136.

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