Saelig releases oscilloscope for circuit design, testing and troubleshooting applications


Picoscope 2205 mixed-signal oscilloscope

Saelig has released an entry-level mixed-signal oscilloscope, which is suitable for general-purpose analogue and digital circuit design, testing and troubleshooting applications.

The Picoscope 2205 is a compact, portable USB instrument featuring a two-channel oscilloscope combined with a synchronous 16-channel logic analyser.

According to the company, analogue waveforms and digital data can now be displayed simultaneously on the same screen using the Picoscope software.

The Picoscope 2205’s analogue bandwidth is 25MHz and the digital channels can accept signals as fast as 100MHz with a maximum sampling rate of 200MSa/sec.

A 48kSa buffer enables the storage of multiple captures in rapid sequence as little as two microseconds apart.

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