Mixed-signal IC from International Rectifier gains certification for use in home appliances

International Rectifier


International Rectifier has announced that its IRMCK171 one-time programmable ROM-based monolithic mixed-signal IC, for sensorless sinusoidal motor control of appliances, meets the standards of IMQ (Italy) Annex R of IEC 60335-1 Edition 4.2 - Class B software requirements.

This certification allows even further simplification and acceleration of the design process for home appliances using the IRMCK171, by reducing elements of the software testing process.

The IMQ certification also enables customers to more easily obtain the safety standard of their appliance products, which is a mandatory requirement for today’s home appliance goods.

Part of the Imotion integrated design platform for variable-speed motor control, the IRMCK171 incorporates IR’s patented Motion Control Engine (MCETM), an algorithm editor that eliminates coding.

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