Data acquisition ICs feature temperature sensing

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MAX1153/MAX1253 and MAX1154/MAX1254

A new range of eight-channel 10 and 12bit ADCs with internal temperature sensors and power-supply voltage monitoring interface directly to SPI, QSPI and Microwire devices without external logic.

A new range of eight-channel 10 and 12bit ADCs with internaltemperature sensors and power-supply voltage monitoring interfacedirectly to SPI, QSPI and Microwire devices without externallogic.

These devices offer 94Ksample/s, +/-1LSB integralnonlinearity and +/-1LSB dynamic nonlinerity with no missingcodes, all in small 16-pin TSSOP packages.

When these ADCs are intemperature-sensing mode, internal bias currents pass throughexternal diode-connected transistors for +/-1C-accuratetemperature measurements.

They can also be configured forsingle-ended or differential remote temperature sensors with noadditional circuitry.

The full-scale analogue input voltage rangeis determined by an internal reference at 2.048V for the 3V partsand 4.096V for the 5V parts.

An external reference is used in the1V to power-supply voltage range.

Software-selectable conversionrates help optimise power consumption.

These data-acquisitionsystems have an internal state machine that cycles throughtemperature and voltage measurements, generating an alarmcondition and interrupt when measurements fall outside theuser-programmed threshold.

Programmable on-chip digital averagingand consecutive fault counters reduce the occurrence of falsealarms in noisy environments.

Autonomous input monitoring andalarming make the MAX1153/MAX1253 and MAX1154/MAX1254 ideal forsystem monitoring applications while minimising host processoroverhead.

The MAX1153/MAX1253 operate with a 2.7 to 3.6V singlesupply, whereas the MAX1154/MAX1254 operate with a 4.75 to 5.25Vsingle supply.

These devices consume only 2.2mA when monitoringeight input voltages, on-chip temperature, and power-supplyvoltage with internal reference at 2Ksample/s per channel.

Theyconsume only 2uA in shutdown mode.

The MAX1153/MAX1253 andMAX1154/MAX1254 are available in a 16-pin TSSOP packages in theextended (-40 to +85C) temperature range.

Prices start at $3.50(1000-up, FOB USA).

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