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  • LC Automation offers Mitsubishi system for single axis control in rotary cutters download

    LC Automation |Fri, 28 Oct 2011

  • Ebay system includes GE redundancy control systems that increase data-centre stability

    GE Intelligent Platforms |Tue, 19 Jul 2011

    E-commerce company Ebay has employed a mission-critical system that includes Quad PAC redundancy-control systems from GE Intelligent Platforms to increase the stability of its data centres as part of its Topaz strategic infrastructure project.

  • Profiling machine gets lathe and CNC capability

    NUM |Wed, 6 Oct 2010

    Emotec has enhanced the performance of a tram wheel profiling machine used by the Zurich public transport organisation by retrofitting it with lathing capability and an advanced CNC system from NUM.

  • Vision selects Heidenhain linear encoders and DROs

    Heidenhain |Fri, 3 Sep 2010

    Vision Engineering has utilised glass scale linear encoders and Quadra-Chek Metrology DROs from Heidenhain in its optical inspection, manipulation and measurement equipment.

  • Fanuc CNC enhances controls for machining tasks

    Fanuc FA |Thu, 24 Jun 2010

    At IMTS 2010 Fanuc CNC will exhibit its enhanced 0i-D and 0i-D Mate CNC controls for machining applications.

  • IMTS 2010 to feature CNC control developments

    Fanuc FA |Mon, 14 Jun 2010

    Fanuc CNC America will showcase advanced CNC control developments at IMTS 2010, along with industry solutions to meet strict automotive, aerospace, medical, heavy industry and job-shop requirements.

  • Haas Control overcomes varying machining accuracy

    Haas Automation |Mon, 24 May 2010

    Haas software engineers have designed into the Haas Control a facility called Maximum Rounding, which allows the user to define the machining accuracy of rounded corners within a selected tolerance.

  • Mach 2010 to feature Heidenhain's ITNC/TNC systems

    Heidenhain |Fri, 23 Apr 2010

    Heidenhain has announced it will attend Mach 2010, where it will display its ITNC/TNC range of systems.

  • Heidenhain shows Acu-Rite products at Mach

    Heidenhain |Wed, 21 Apr 2010

    Heidenhain will be displaying Acu-Rite products at Mach, including Vue, 200S and 300S DRO systems, the Millpwr CNC, and the SENC 150 and SENC 50 scales.

  • Heidenhain CNC system retrofitted at Nelson Tools

    Heidenhain |Wed, 17 Mar 2010

    Electron Engineering Services has retrofitted a Heidenhain TNC 320 CNC system to a SIP Series 740 jig borer at Nelson Tools.

  • Multi-axis VEC improves machining accuracies

    MAG Industrial Automation Systems |Thu, 4 Mar 2010

    The MAG VEC methodology reduces the time to determine needed error compensations and integrates linear and rotary axes into the tool-point compensation process.

  • Haas discusses directional hole tapping

    Haas Automation |Wed, 10 Feb 2010

    Haas Automation explains how users should carry out directional hole tapping.

  • Gear hobber retrofitted with NUM CNC software

    NUM |Tue, 20 Oct 2009

    Automation upgrade specialists Mastercontrols (MCI) and Southern Technical Services (STS) have jointly retrofitted a Gleason 782 gear hobber with a new CNC control system from NUM.

  • Fagor CNC combines features of 8070 and 8055

    Fagor Automation |Thu, 1 Oct 2009

    Fagor Automation is offering the 8065 CNC numerical control, said to provide the versatility and simplicity of the 8055 CNC with the power of the 8070 CNC.

  • Fanuc's 0i-D CNC now available as stand-alone unit

    GE Intelligent Platforms |Fri, 4 Sep 2009

    GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, has brought out the 0i-D SA, a stand-alone version of the 0i-D CNC.

  • Numrotoplus aids production of Mapal drills

    NUM |Fri, 4 Sep 2009

    CNC multi-axis grinding machines featuring NUM's Numrotoplus 3D simulation and control software are helping Miller Prazisionswerkzeuge make Mapal solid-carbide twist drills.

  • Fanuc to exhibit CNC applications

    Fanuc FA |Thu, 23 Jul 2009

    At EMO in Milan, Fanuc Group will exhibit the practical application of its latest control products and robots to obtain high productivity solutions for machine tool builders and machine users.

  • XYZ holds large stocks of Siemens CNC spares

    XYZ Machine Tools |Fri, 17 Jul 2009

    XYZ Machine Tools has announced that it holds more than GBP77,000 of Siemens spares at any one time.

  • Acu-Rite unveils Vue digital readout DRO system

    Acurite |Tue, 7 Apr 2009

    Acu-Rite has introduced its Vue one- to three-axis digital readout entry-level DRO system, which is claimed to transform the performance and operation of manual milling, turning and grinding machines.

  • Heidenhain CNC systems halve cycle times

    Heidenhain |Tue, 3 Mar 2009

    The installation of a CNC horizontal borer specified with the Heidenhain iTNC 530 CNC system and the retrofitting of an iTNC 530 has more than halved cycle times at an SPP Pumps facility.

  • Heidenhain DRO aid cylinder block machining

    Heidenhain |Wed, 4 Feb 2009

    The fitting of Heidenhain digital readouts (DRO) to a manual lathe and manual horizontal borer has aided in the restoration of the Flying Scotsman locomotive.

  • Machine tool stations times analysed

    Bosch Rexroth |Thu, 29 Nov 2007

    Cycle time analyser records the cycle times of all production machine stations and provides users with an insight into the NC and PLC program flow.

  • Cycle time analysis ups machine tool performance

    Bosch Rexroth |Thu, 27 Sep 2007

    A machine tool cycle time analyzer records the cycle times of all production machine stations and provides users with an insight into the NC and PLC program flow.

  • CNC imparts machine tool 'intelligence'

    Yamazaki Mazak |Mon, 30 Jul 2007

    In introducing its latest CNC machine tools at EMO 2007, Yamazaki Mazak will be drawing attention to 'intelligent machines' offerring greater functionality and higher productivity.

  • 4mm diameter for displacement measurement sensors

    Micro-Epsilon |Wed, 28 Feb 2007

    Confocal displacement measurement sensors from Micro-Epsilon have a diameter of just 4mm and are therefore ideal for measuring inside confined spaces such as narrow cavities, drilled holes and bores.

  • Half price displacement measurement sensor

    Micro-Epsilon |Thu, 14 Dec 2006

    A non-contact, optoelectronic displacement measurement sensor has been launched that offers OEMs, machine builders and end users all the technical advantages of its predecessor, but at half the cost.

  • Sensor measures thickness of wet paint coatings

    Micro-Epsilon |Mon, 27 Nov 2006

    An innovative combination sensor system has been developed, which attaches directly to a robot arm, so that automotive OEMs can inspect the thickness of sprayed paint coatings.

  • NCAP testing rig for Jaguar detects exact speeds

    Micro-Epsilon |Tue, 14 Nov 2006

    With the advent of Europe's NCAP and other automotive legislative testing protocols, pedestrian safety is now an increasingly important aspect of new car design and safety.

  • Laser profile sensors aid stability of rail tracks

    Micro-Epsilon |Tue, 31 Oct 2006

    The latest non-contact, laser-based profile measurement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are being used by several leading rail inspection companies around the world.

  • Replace feedback transducers on CNC machines

    Micronor |Wed, 20 Sep 2006

    Feedback transducers are supplied as 'plug-and-play' replacements for obsolete units formerly manufactured by Baumer, Crouzet, Eucron and Micron, used on earlier CNC machine tools.

  • High-speed spindle thermal expansion compensated

    Micro-Epsilon |Fri, 4 Aug 2006

    A special sensor system, for compensating thermal growth in high speed machining spindles, also enables machine tool operators to change the spindle without having to re-calibrate.

  • Handheld pendant station has full control

    Micronor |Mon, 31 Jul 2006

    A handheld pendant station offers ergonomic form, a full complement of controls, and choice of serial or hardwired interface, and magnetic pads allow storage directly on the equipment panel.

  • Latest machine tool CNC is even easier to use

    Yamazaki Mazak |Tue, 27 Jun 2006

    Latest machine tool control system is even easier and quicker to use than its predecessors and delivers elements that take machine control and machining to new efficiency levels.

  • CNC controls nine axes, five simultaneously

    Yamazaki Mazak |Mon, 22 May 2006

    Latest CNC controls up to nine axes, five simultaneously, with high accuracy machining ensured by a sub-micron minimum program increment for conversational and EIA/ISO programming.

  • CNC can be configured to match skills

    XYZ Machine Tools |Sun, 8 Jan 2006

    The concept behind a CNC system being introduced to 'Mini-Mill' machine tools is to enhance their capability and productivity by allowing the control to be configured to match existing skills.

  • Latest CNC controls up to nine axes

    Yamazaki Mazak |Sun, 4 Dec 2005

    A '6th generation' CNC is capable of controlling up to nine axes, five of them simultaneously, with high accuracy machining ensured by a sub-micron (0.0001mm/0.00001 inch) minimum program increment.

  • Lower costs - from initial concept to retrofit

    Bosch Rexroth |Wed, 9 Nov 2005

    Innovative mechatronic modules and systems are reducing costs for machine tools across the whole life cycle, from the initial concept right through to the retrofit.

  • Advanced CNC has improved cycles

    Yamazaki Mazak |Fri, 28 Oct 2005

    Advanced conversational/shop-floor programming features the Mazatrol CNC, to which cycles have been added or improved, such as simultaneous machining of two components.

  • Latest multi-axis CNC manages high speed

    Yamazaki Mazak |Wed, 5 Oct 2005

    A '6th generation' CNC is capable of controlling up to nine axes, five of them simultaneously and ensures precise control of high speed, high accuracy machining and better surface finish.

  • Ultra-compact CNC distributes intelligence

    Bosch Rexroth |Mon, 26 Sep 2005

    Cost-effective, ultra-compact unit is a fully-fledged controller-based CNC for managing up to eight axes in two NC channels and is intended for small machines, materials handling.

  • Mechatronics systems reduce machine tool costs

    Bosch Rexroth |Thu, 11 Aug 2005

    Innovative mechatronic modules and system assemblies are reducing costs for machine tools across the whole life cycle, from the initial concept right through to the retrofit.

  • Advanced CNC system has increased functionality

    Mori Seiki |Fri, 4 Jun 2004

    An advanced CNC programming system enhances and simplifies functionality and incorporates a new operation panel designed to make operation both quicker and easier.

  • Monitor up to 10 unmanned CNC sliding head autos

    Citizen Machinery |Fri, 28 May 2004

    Up to 10 CNC sliding head automatic lathes with Windows based control system software can now be remotely monitored through unmanned production periods with automatic alarm messaging.

  • Cyber factory machining system demonstrated

    Yamazaki Mazak |Wed, 5 Nov 2003

    A 'Cyber Production Centre' not only provides synchronised production operations to maximise throughput, but also acts as a driving force of company-wide productivity improvements.

  • 'Intelligent machine tool' concept nears reality

    Yamazaki Mazak |Wed, 5 Nov 2003

    Bringing the 'intelligent machine tool' closer to reality a novel system control allows remote downloading of schedules, work data, programs and tool lists while providing operator machine data.

  • Software speeds up machine tool conrol development

    Adept Scientific |Mon, 6 Oct 2003

    Engineers at a precision grinding machine manufacturer, used VisSim/DSP with a TI C32 target to design their next generation control system and had a prototype running within two days.

  • Manchine tool management extends to China

    Yamazaki Mazak |Thu, 24 Apr 2003

    One of the UK's first users of the Mazak Cyber Production Centre factory management concept is now to use the system to monitor machine tools at its new manufacturing operations in China.

  • Minimising cobalt leaching when carbide grinding

    Master Chemical |Thu, 18 Oct 2001

    Trim Grind WC has proven to leach substantially less than other grinding fluids currently available whilst maintaining superior cutting and non-cutting characteristics of carbides.

  • Encoders enable micron-accuracy PCB drilling

    Renishaw |Tue, 6 Mar 2001

    Renishaw encoder systems enable compact laser drillers to position within microns for drilling printed circuit boards.