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Data book: high-power infrared LEDs and more from Opto Diode download

AP Technologies LtdTue, 22 Apr 2014

Opto Diode’s high-power infrared LEDs are used in a variety of applications, including photo-electric controls, optical encoders, night-vision systems, CCD illuminators, autofocusing cameras and ophthalmic instrumentation.

Product guide: thermoplastic resins from Data Plastics download

Data PlasticsThu, 17 Apr 2014

This guide sets out the mould shrinkage, specific gravity, drying condition time, melt temperature and mould temperature of a range of thermoplastic resins.

MCP 100

Application note: quality control of glucose infusions download

Anton PaarThu, 17 Apr 2014

The MCP 100 polarimeter from Anton Paar, which is ideal for analysing the quality of optically active substances used for clinical applications.

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Product brochure: threaded pipe fittings from Dixon Group Europe download

Dixon Group EuropeTue, 22 Apr 2014

This brochure presents Dixon’s range of threaded pipe fittings. Product variants covered include reducer hex bushings and more.

LA27 actuator

Data sheet: LA27 single actuator for use with the TD3 from Linak download

LinakThu, 17 Apr 2014

The LA27 single actuator from Linak for the TD3 motor is intended for use in comfort beds where extra functions like neck rest and/or knee bend is requested.

Low-profile steel vises

Data sheet: Kitagawa VE-N low-profile steel vises from 1st Machine Tool Accessories download

1st Machine Tool AccessoriesTue, 22 Apr 2014

The Kitagawa VE-N series of low-profile steel vises, available from 1st Machine Tool Accessories, is suitable for long-size work and the simultaneous machining of multiple workpieces.

Data sheet: Safety-Grip bolt-down plates available from Heskins download

HeskinsTue, 15 Apr 2014

Heskins’ bolt-down plates are ideal for application in areas where Safety-Grip tape is not suitable, such as uneven or loose surfaces including external wooden surfaces.

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Product brochure: industrial control system security from GEA Process Engineering download

GEA Process Engineering LtdTue, 22 Apr 2014

GEA Process Engineering aims to provide companies with the information they need to begin to generate a robust cyber-security practice for their control infrastructure.

View of the BLDC parts

White paper: upgrade of miniature outrunner brushless DC motors download

Cedrat Technologies S.ATue, 22 Apr 2014

Miniature brushless DC motors (less than 5gr) offer some challenges both in design and manufacturing. They are used in several mass-volume applications, such as hard-disk drives and gyroscopes and more recently in some unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs), where Cedrat is involved. For this last application, the efficiency is of upmost importance. Cedrat has used its Flux software to optimise the brushless motor design.

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Video feature: WDS levelling castors video

WDSTue, 15 Apr 2014

Using animation and a voiceover, this video from WDS explains how its range of heavy-duty adjustable levelling castors add mobility and practicality to large machine tools and other workshop accessories that require an accurate horizontal surface. 


E-Spool from Igus can guide multiple cables within confined spaces in a number of fields weblink

IgusTue, 22 Apr 2014

The E-Spool from Igus has been designed to guide multiple cables within confined spaces. The product is suitable for a number of fields of application, including process cranes, mobile crane trucks, sorting plants or stage applications. The E-Spool is an alternative to the classic cable drum, accommodating power, data, air and media together in one system.

Shelbourne Reynolds

ABB robotic welding cell enables Shelbourne Reynolds to improve its production process weblink

ABB RoboticsWed, 16 Apr 2014

An ABB robotic welding cell is enabling agricultural machinery manufacturer Shelbourne Reynolds to reduce production times for its range of articulated hedge-cutting tractor attachments. Handling the several hundred welds entailed in the production of the attachments, the cell has so far cut welding process times by 66 per cent compared with the company’s previous manufacturing process.