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J12 series

Data sheet: J12 series of indium arsenide detectors from Pacer download

PacerThu, 17 Apr 2014

The J12 series of indium arsenide (InAs) detectors from Pacer are photovoltaic infrared photodiodes sensitive in the 1.0µm to 3.8µm wavelength region. 

Guide: thermoplastic resins from Data Plastics download

Data PlasticsThu, 17 Apr 2014

This guide sets out the mould shrinkage, specific gravity, drying condition time, melt temperature and mould temperature of a range of thermoplastic resins.

MCP 100

Application note: quality control of glucose infusions download

Anton PaarThu, 17 Apr 2014

The MCP 100 polarimeter from Anton Paar, which is ideal for analysing the quality of optically active substances used for clinical applications.


Brochure: castors and wheels from WDS download

WDSThu, 17 Apr 2014

This brochure presents WDS’s ranges of castors and wheels. These include furniture castors, nylon and rubber castors, and high-temperature phenlic resin castors.

LA27 actuator

Data sheet: LA27 single actuator for use with the TD3 from Linak download

LinakThu, 17 Apr 2014

The LA27 single actuator from Linak for the TD3 motor is intended for use in comfort beds where extra functions like neck rest and/or knee bend is requested.

KL 250-2 C (ceiling)

Data sheet: KL 250-2 C (ceiling) linear unit from Kuka Robotics download

Kuka Robotics UKTue, 15 Apr 2014

This data sheet provides information on the KL 250-2 C linear ceiling unit from Kuka Robotics. It includes diagrams and technical specifications.

Data sheet: Safety-Grip bolt-down plates available from Heskins download

HeskinsTue, 15 Apr 2014

Heskins’ bolt-down plates are ideal for application in areas where Safety-Grip tape is not suitable, such as uneven or loose surfaces including external wooden surfaces.

Isight Design Gateway and workflow example

Application report: Cedrat software connection to Dassault Systemes' Isight downloadweblink

CedratWed, 16 Apr 2014

Many major CAD/CAE software components are available in Isight. This article presents two examples using the newly created Cedrat software components.

Demand lens

White paper: the Capacity Quadrant — four keys to demystifying resource management download

PlanviewThu, 17 Apr 2014

Planview, a portfolio and resource management company that helps organisations maximise business opportunities by optimising the capacity of their finite people and financial resources, has released this white paper focusing on the Capacity Quadrant. According to the company, the Capacity Quadrant is made up of four dynamics that are at play when managing capacity and demand: visibility; prioritisation; optimisation; and integration.

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Featured Video

Video feature: WDS levelling castors video

WDSTue, 15 Apr 2014

Using animation and a voiceover, this video from WDS explains how its range of heavy-duty adjustable levelling castors add mobility and practicality to large machine tools and other workshop accessories that require an accurate horizontal surface. 


Formula One racing teams turn to Titan flowmeters for accurate flow measurement downloadweblink

Titan EnterprisesWed, 16 Apr 2014

Flowmeters from Titan Enterprises have been used for research by Formula One (F1) racing teams at their test facilities. In this article, the company shares some of the successful implementations of Titan flow-metering technology.