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Interfaces and Pre-assembled cables for Siemens S7-1500

Data sheet: Interfaces and Pre-assembled cables for Siemens S7-1500 download

WeidmullerMon, 28 Sep 2015

Aimed at reducing costs, and to save space and time in the construction of electrical cabinets, the universal cabling system for PLCs is provided as an effective alternative to end-to-end cabling design. Weidmu¨ller offers a wide range of pre-assembled cables and interfaces to Rockwell Compact Logix. 


Case study: SuperCORR protects and lubricates contacts on charge/sync cable from Lifedge download

Envirotech EuropeTue, 13 Oct 2015

SuperCORR lubricant and protective coating is being used to protect contacts on a new Lifedge lightning connector to USB cable to offer the protection needed in extreme conditions.

Anton Paar L-Rix 510 Inline Refractometer

Data sheet: Anton Paar L-Rix 510 Inline Refractometer download

Anton PaarTue, 24 Nov 2015

L-Rix 510 delivers refractive index and concentration results with extremely high accuracy across the full measuring range. Once installed, the sensor never needs adjustments and it doesn‘t need servicing for the first 10 years of operation. The result: a lower cost of ownership and exacting accuracy you can rely on for years to come.

HUCK 12.7mm Magna-Lok blind fasteners

Data sheet: HUCK 12.7mm Magna-Lok blind fasteners download

Alcoa Fastening Systems & RingsTue, 10 Nov 2015

 HUCK 12.7mm Magna-Lok blind fasteners offer high resistance to joint failure and the large size has the potential to allow the reduction of fasteners required.

Linear drives

Data sheet: Efficient ball-type linear drives download

norelem UKMon, 16 Nov 2015

Ball-type linear drives from norelem are stable, low-maintenance, quiet and have a longer service life. They are primarily used when tools or tool holders have to be positioned exactly. Ball-type linear drives from norelem have a high level of loading capacity and deliver an efficiency of up to 95%. In comparison to conventional ball-type linear drives, they offer low wear and friction. Ball-type linear drives can be mounted extremely fast without requiring any adjustment or calibration. ...

Norelem clamping talon grips

Data sheet: Norelem clamping talon grips download

norelem UKMon, 16 Nov 2015

Norelem clamping talon grips fix workpieces firmly in place in the vice. High-precision machining processes that involve the application of force require the workpiece to be firmly and securely positioned in the vice. Norelem clamping talon grips are fitted quickly and easily, requiring only a groove with threaded holes.

Carbon infrared heating

Infrared disinfection can increase bread shelf life by days download

Heraeus NoblelightMon, 23 Nov 2015

The use of Carbon infrared heating systems from Heraeus Noblelight has been shown to reduce the formation of mould on baked bread, prior to packing, significantly extending bread shelf life. Typically, when subjected to carbon medium wave infrared (IR) radiation for four seconds, shelf life has been increased by three to four days.

Are you trapped in spreadsheet hell?

Infographic: Are you trapped in spreadsheet hell? download

PlanviewTue, 10 Nov 2015

Spreadsheets have their place, but their efficacy fades when you’re managing a portfolio of more than 20 products. 

What are the desirable features of corona cameras for inspection? download

OfilTue, 24 Nov 2015

Corona cameras are used as NDT (non-destructive) equipment as a means to find electrical abnormalities and faults. Corona is a partial electrical discharge created on conducting surfaces where a local high e-field exceeds a certain critical value. In most cases corona is referred to as a deficiency that should be eliminated, in particular so if the surface is made of polymeric material.

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Future of machining

Video feature: Future of Machining workshops weblink

DelcamThu, 29 Oct 2015

Delcam has added a video to the Delcam.TV website filmed during two free workshops on the Future of Machining held at Mazak’s European Technology Centre in Worcester during June.  

Mouser Infineon

Mouser stocks S5 Series IGBTs

Mouser ElectronicsTue, 24 Nov 2015

Mouser Electronics is the first global distributor to stock the Trenchstop 5 S5 insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) from Infineon. This new series in the ultra-thin wafer Trenchstop 5 range boasts a low typical saturation voltage of 1.60 VCE(sat) at 175°C, maintaining high efficiency even during high-temperature operations.

Technicut blisk

Delcam and Technicut partner to reduce time and cost of blisk machining

DelcamTue, 17 Nov 2015

CAM developer Delcam and tooling supplier Technicut have partnered to produce a novel method for blisk machining that delivers savings in both time and cost.