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FDD15 DC/DC converter

Data sheet: Chinfa FDD15 series DC/DC converter from Relec Electronics download

Relec Electronics Tue, 21 Oct 2014

The Chinfa Electronics FDD15 series DC/DC converter, which is available from Relec Electronics, offers numerous features and benefits.

IPC cleaner

Product flyer: cleaners for pharmaceutical applications from International Products download

International ProductsTue, 14 Oct 2014

International Products provides precision cleaning concentrates that are suitable for a variety of pharmaceutical cleaning applications.

Acid dewpoint sensor

Application note: acid dewpoint temperature measurement — Lancom 200 analyser download

Land InstrumentsTue, 21 Oct 2014

The Lancom 200 portable analyser, a portable monitoring device, provides valuable tools for acid dewpoint temperature measurement.

FireBird Gold Edition

Data sheet: FireBird Gold Edition blind rivet nut setting tool from Gesipa download

Gesipa Blind Riveting SystemsTue, 21 Oct 2014

The FireBird Gold Edition battery-powered blind rivet nut setting tool sets blind rivet nuts up to M10 for aluminium and steel and M8 for all materials with 18kN traction power.


Case study: PowerSTAR gives roll door manufacturer a reliable lift download

Bison Gear & EngineeringWed, 1 Oct 2014

A door manufacturer seeking a gearmotor for its automated roll door system used the PowerSTAR 730 three-phase 230/400–460V 50/60Hz right-angle hypoid gearmotor from Bison Gear.

Brochure cover

Product brochure: putting an end to dull theory — the KUKA Education Bundle download

Kuka Robotics UKTue, 21 Oct 2014

The KUKA Robotics Education Bundle allows educational establishments to impart contemporary robotics expertise to pupils and students.

Carbon infrared oven

Case study: infrared oven enables more efficient pasteurisation at Premier Foods download

Heraeus NoblelightTue, 21 Oct 2014

A carbon infrared oven from Heraeus is helping Premier Foods to achieve efficiency gains of more than 10 per cent over a former hot rinse system on its cooking sauce production line.

Brochure cover

Product brochure: software options from FANUC — Collision Guard and more download

Fanuc UKTue, 21 Oct 2014

FANUC Robotics offers a range of software options that can provide increased performance and improved security.

Envirotech logo

Technical article: be vigilant when making degreasing choices download

Envirotech EuropeTue, 21 Oct 2014

There is no doubt that readers of trade magazines have remained keenly interested in the advantages to be found in process cleaning, while being confused by the amount of misinformation that seems to be forever presented to them. There are two reasons for this: an intention to mislead or simply a lack of understanding of the subject. In this article, Envirotech Europe discusses the importance of doing your research when choosing which products to use.

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Featured Video

Video feature: innovation in HPC — the present and the future videoweblink

GEA Process Engineering LtdFri, 10 Oct 2014

This video from GEA Process Engineering explores the role of innovation in the home and personal care (HPC) sector and its importance for the future, both for the customer and the supplier.

Joule losses in the magnets of a synchronous motor analysed in Flux 2D

Licence agreement enables stronger coupling between CEDRAT's Flux code and STAR-CCM downloadweblink

CedratTue, 21 Oct 2014

CEDRAT has signed a licence agreement with CD-adapco. The agreement provides a licence of CD-adapco’s file formats to CEDRAT and will enable stronger coupling between Flux, CEDRAT’s electromagnetics code, and STAR-CCM, CD-adapco’s flow and thermal simulation code.

FT-C thermal fluid boiler

Fulton's FT-C thermal fluid system helps Interfuse with rapid curing process download

FultonThu, 16 Oct 2014

Interfuse specialises in the manufacture of precast masonry blocks, the manufacturing process for which uses a press to precast the products and a series of kilns to provide heat for rapid curing. The company has recently installed a Fulton FT-C vertical coil thermal fluid heater to replace a live steam system that was proving too expensive to operate.