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Partial discharge pinpointing system

Data sheet: SebaKMT PD LOC partial-discharge pinpointing system from Megger download

MeggerFri, 12 Sep 2014

The SebaKMT PD LOC system from Megger solves the problem of pinpointing for mixed cables (XLPE/PILC) and for partial discharge in joints of single-core cables.

Cylinder block made of aluminium coated with Nikasil

Application note: measuring Nikasil coatings on aluminium automotive cylinders downloadweblink

Fischer InstrumentationMon, 1 Sep 2014

A way of protecting aluminium cylinders is to plate the contact surfaces with Nikasil. After plating, the coating thickness is controlled using the Fischerscope MMS PC2.


Application note: concentration measurement of sodium hydroxide downloadweblink

Anton PaarThu, 11 Sep 2014

The Abbemat range of refractometers from Anton Paar can be used to determine the concentration of sodium hydroxide solutions.

The original packing-gland seal at this soy product manufacturer’s plant lost product of up to ½ metre per day

Case study: custom-designed mixer shaft seal eliminates waste and hazards download

Meco Shaft SealsFri, 12 Sep 2014

A soy ingredient manufacturer experienced significant product loss and an explosion hazard before replacing ineffective gland seals with custom-designed split shaft seals from Meco.

Rail traverser at Port of Felixstowe

Case study: Igus's energy chain system is used in rail traverser download

IgusFri, 29 Aug 2014

An Igus energy chain system has recently been designed into the largest capacity rail traverser in the UK. 

Next 25 bar loader

Data sheet: Iemca Next 25 loader from 1st Machine Tool Accessories download

1st Machine Tool AccessoriesWed, 10 Sep 2014

Iemca’s Next 25 is an automation solution designed for multi-spindle lathes combining easy handling with high performance. This compact loader handles 3–25mm bars.

Infrared heat increases quality of chipboard

Case study: infrared heat increases quality of laminated chipboard downloadweblink

Heraeus NoblelightMon, 15 Sep 2014

A fast-response, medium-wave infrared drying system from Heraeus Noblelight is helping MFI to improve quality control in the manufacture of laminated chip board.

Case study: Murray City Power, Utah

Case study: system maintenance, testing and documentation with ADMO download

OMICRON electronicsFri, 12 Sep 2014

Murray City Power in Utah is using Omicron’s ADMO: a database software for central planning and management of all maintenance activities for protection systems.

Gill logo - thumbnail

Technical article: what is induction technology and what are its uses? downloadweblink

Gill Research & DevelopmentMon, 15 Sep 2014

Induction is a process by which a magnetised or electrically charged object produces magnetism, an electric charge or an electro-motive force, in another object without being in contact with it. These processes are called magnetic induction when magnetism is produced, electrostatic induction when an electric charge is produced and electromagnetic induction when an electric voltage is produced. This article from Gill Research & Development discusses each of these.

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Video feature: maximum power point control simplifies energy harvesting video

Linear TechnologyFri, 12 Sep 2014

Converting solar energy into electrical energy is easily done using Linear Technology’s LTC3105 boost converter with Maximum Power Point Control (MPPC). The MPPC feature allows the converter to extract the maximum power from a solar cell under varying sunlight conditions.

With no tail swing, the IRB 6640 is ideal for restricted spaces such as small factory floors

RM Group uses ABB's IRB 6640 and IRB 460 robots as part of mobile packaging system downloadweblink

ABB RoboticsMon, 15 Sep 2014

Robots from ABB have helped systems integrator RM Group to turn an innovative idea for a mobile packaging system into a working reality. Housed in 45ft (14m) articulated trailers, RM Group’s mobile packaging plant uses ABB’s IRB 6640 and IRB 460 robots as part of a system designed to provide customers with a versatile, efficient and easily transportable way of bagging products at source.