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DET2/2 auto earth tester

Data sheet: robust and compact DET2/2 auto earth tester from Megger download

MeggerFri, 24 Oct 2014

The Megger DET2/2 auto earth tester is a robust compact instrument designed for measuring earth electrode resistance and soil resistivity.

Data sheet: AQUUS Clean 105 alkali cleaner from Envirotech download

Envirotech EuropeWed, 22 Oct 2014

AQUUS Clean 105 is a heavy-duty non-etch silicated alkali cleaner designed to clean steel, zinc and aluminium and its alloys by spray prior to pre-treatment processes.

Mecmesin accessories catalogue for force and torque testing

Product catalogue: fixtures, grips and testing accessories from Mecmesin weblink

MecmesinFri, 24 Oct 2014

Mecmesin has released a revised and expanded catalogue of fixtures, grips and testing accessories.

1½in and 2in adapter

Data sheet: two-piece adapters from Dixon download

Dixon Group EuropeThu, 23 Oct 2014

This data sheet presents the features and specifications of Dixon Group’s range of two-piece adapters.


Case study: PowerSTAR gives roll door manufacturer a reliable lift download

Bison Gear & EngineeringWed, 1 Oct 2014

A door manufacturer seeking a gearmotor for its automated roll door system used the PowerSTAR 730 three-phase 230/400–460V 50/60Hz right-angle hypoid gearmotor from Bison Gear.

Laser-welding robot

Case study: robot brings flexibility to laser welding at Innova download

Kuka Robotics UKFri, 24 Oct 2014

Innova in Laitila, Finland, uses KUKA robots, which can work individually, with positioning tables or as a team, enabling extremely large parts to be processed.

Scorpion barcode vision app user interface

Product brochure: Scorpion barcode vision app download

Scorpion VisionThu, 23 Oct 2014

The Scorpion barcode vision app reads 1D barcodes using an area camera, and turns the Smart Camera from Sony into a complete vision solution.

Cover image

Product brochure: capabilities of ANSYS 15.0 engineering simulation software download

Integrated Design and Analysis ConsultantsThu, 23 Oct 2014

This brochure features numerous charts presenting the capabilities of the ANSYS 15.0 engineering simulation software — which is available from IDAC.

Brochure cover

Technical article: designing for mouldability, volume 2 — undercuts and through-holes download

Proto LabsThu, 23 Oct 2014

Houses have doors, and parts have indentations, through-holes and other features that don’t point straight up or down and could act as undercuts in a two-part mould. Designers using rapid injection moulding can address these challenges in a variety of ways, including side-action cams, sliding shut-offs, pick-outs and bump-offs, as discussed in this article from Proto Labs.

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Featured Video

Video feature: innovation in HPC — the present and the future videoweblink

GEA Process Engineering LtdFri, 10 Oct 2014

This video from GEA Process Engineering explores the role of innovation in the home and personal care (HPC) sector and its importance for the future, both for the customer and the supplier.


Omega's NB-12-CP series thermocouple assemblies suit use in high temperatures download

Omega EngineeringFri, 24 Oct 2014

Omega Engineering is offering its NB-12-CP series of thermocouple assemblies, which are suitable for furnaces, kilns and other high-temperature applications. The 100mm-long stainless steel support tube attaches the ceramic sheath to the industrial head and is included in the overall sheath length.

G500 executive jet

Oxley develops external LED lighting for Gulfstream G500 and G600 executive jets weblink

Oxley DevelopmentsWed, 22 Oct 2014

Oxley has developed the external LED lights for Gulfstream’s G500 and G600 executive jets. According to the company, the comprehensive suite has been developed especially for the new jets, delivering improved reliability and reduced through-life costs.