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PAT Test report certificates

PAT Test report certificates download

MeggerThu, 3 Sep 2015

This certificate pad is an alternative to electronic certification, and is suitable for quick completion on site utilising tick boxes in some sections. It is a perfect partner to the Megger range of PAT testers, providing a comprehensive test report.

MultiTest 1-x shown performing tension test on basket carrier packaging

Case study: packaging tension test with Mecmesin download

MecmesinMon, 17 Aug 2015

The company needed to perform integrity checks on beverage basket carriers and cardboard box packaging to optimise production line efficiency and maintain consistent standards of packaging quality. 

Data sheet: Sensonics DN 8 033 Thrust Transmitter download

SensonicsThu, 3 Sep 2015

The DN 8033 Thrust Transmitter is designed to measure shaft axial position on a range of rotating plant.

Product brochure: ATEX seals from MECO

Product brochure: ATEX seals from MECO download

Meco Shaft SealsFri, 4 Sep 2015

MECO seals can be designed for certain explosive atmosphere applications where EN 94/9/EC must be adhered to. ATEX is a series of explosion prevention standards, codified in EN 94/9/EC, to which equipment manufacturers must conform, in order to place machinery in service in Europe in potentially explosive environments.

micro flizz"

micro flizz MF10 cable from igus allows even cable diameters up to 16mm

IgusMon, 17 Aug 2015

igus has released its micro flizz MF10, which allows even cable diameters up to 16mm with bending radii up to 75mm to be routed compactly and reliably.

Brochure: remote header tanks

Product brochure: remote header tanks from Showers and Eyebaths download

Showers and Eyebaths ServicesMon, 24 Aug 2015

Including a visual water-level indicator, a visual water temperature gauge, a lamp, a low water-level alarm, and a submersible pump.

Product reference: belt conveyor with back-lighting

Product reference: belt conveyor with back-lighting from MK download

mk Profile SystemsFri, 28 Aug 2015

This case study explains the benefit of MK’s belt conveyor GUF-P 2000 AC – which has a tall conveyor frame and side access for the light – to the customer.


Data sheet: D1-1 OMB-DAQTEMP14A PCI thermocouple/multifunction data acquisition system download

Omega EngineeringThu, 3 Sep 2015

The OMB-DAQTEMP14A data acquisition card provides a total hardware/software/signal conditioning solution for high-accuracy, high-speed temperature,voltage, frequency, and pulse counting measurements, plus digitalI/O and analogue output.


Technical article: metrological effects of fog and rain upon IR camera performance download

Flir Systems - OEMThu, 3 Sep 2015

Although thermal imaging cameras can see in total darkness, through light fog, light rain and snow, the distance they can see is affected by these atmospheric conditions.

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Video feature: AccuBird Pro and PowerBird Pro Gold Edition from Gesipa video

Gesipa Blind Riveting SystemsFri, 7 Aug 2015

This video presents the features and benefits of the AccuBird Pro and PowerBird Pro Gold Edition battery-powered riveting tools from Gesipa Blind Riveting Systems.