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Data sheet: Power-One ABC201 AC/DC power supplies for telecom and datacom applications download

Relec Electronics Mon, 28 Jul 2014

The Power-One ABC201 series from Relec Electronics is a compact and efficient series of AC/DC power supplies suited for telecom, datacom and many other applications.

Polymer sheaves

Case study: wire rope sheave wheel in construction industry download

NylacastMon, 28 Jul 2014

Nylacast components are being used in applications such as wire rope sheave wheels due to their versatile strength.

Peaktech 5035 multifunction environment tester

Data sheet: Peaktech 5035 multifunction environment tester from Telonic Instruments download

Telonic InstrumentsMon, 28 Jul 2014

The Peaktech 5035 four-in-one multifunction environment tester from Telonic Instruments has been designed to combine the functions of sound level meter, light meter, humidity meter and temperature meter.

L-series jaw coupling

Data sheet: L-series jaw couplings for light to medium duty applications download

Cross and MorseMon, 28 Jul 2014

Type ‘L’ jaw couplings from Cross and Morse are designed for light to medium duty applications up to 112kW at 1,500rev/min and are available for shaft sizes from 1/8in (3.2mm) to 60mm.

2014/15 product catalogue

Product catalogue: automation and motion control products from LC Automation download

LC AutomationFri, 18 Jul 2014

LC Automation has launched its product catalogue for 2014–15. In this third edition, the company provides product details, buyer guides and more.

KR 125 robot

Case study: Kuka and Burk case study — handling of injection moulded parts download

Kuka Robotics UKMon, 28 Jul 2014

Burk is using the KR 125 robot from Kuka to automate the unloading of one of its injection-moulding machines.

Brochure cover

Product brochure: Countis E energy meters and multi-utility pulse concentrators download

Socomec UPSMon, 28 Jul 2014

By combining Socomec’s Countis E meters with Countis ECI pulse concentrators and Vertelis energy management software, users can centralise and monitor consumption.

Minitab Statistical Software

Case study: exceeding quality in financial services with Minitab download

MinitabMon, 28 Jul 2014

It’s common to think that process improvement initiatives are meant to cater only to manufacturing processes. However, many other industries — in particular banking and financial services — also rely on data analysis and Lean Six Sigma tools to improve processes.

Thumbnail - Trim logo

Technical bulletin: health, safety and environmental affairs — HMIS download

Master ChemicalThu, 24 Jul 2014

In this technical bulletin, Master Chemical highlights the visible part of the Hazardous Materials Index System or HMIS. This system is used by the industry to quickly communicate health and safety information in a uniform visual manner to the end user of the product. This voluntary system was created to provide a quick reference to critical health and safety information.

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Featured Video

Video feature: Berg Propulsion Technology increases reliability with Loctite products videoweblink

Henkel LtdWed, 23 Jul 2014

Berg Propulsion manufacturers ship propellers for a variety of vessels. Safety and reliability are vital for marine propulsion. According to Anders Christofferson, managing director at Berg Propulsion, Loctite products — for example the Loctite 638 retaining compound, the Loctite 7063 cleaner and degreaser and the Loctite 243 threadlocker — increase the reliability of the company’s propellers.

Multiwave Go

Anton Paar's Multiwave Go improves efficiency of microwave heating for sample preparation downloadweblink

Anton PaarFri, 25 Jul 2014

Anton Paar’s Multiwave Go is said to combine the best features of monomode and multimode microwave systems in one compact instrument. The product is designed to further enhance the efficiency of microwave heating for sample preparation in everyday laboratory workflow.

'SOLA’ water-heating stove

Delcam’s ArtCAM CAD/CAM software helps student to MTA Challenge victory weblink

DelcamFri, 25 Jul 2014

Delcam’s ArtCAM artistic CAD/CAM software was used by Charlie Smith of Sedbergh School to create his ‘SOLA’ water-heating stove for outdoor expeditions.