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Systemic monitoring of high-voltage equipment

Magazine article: systemic monitoring of high-voltage equipment downloadweblink

OMICRON electronicsWed, 1 Apr 2015

By deciding to found the ‘Monitoring’ business area, OMICRON has made a significant step in the direction of project and system business.

Parylene image

Data sheet: Parylene — improving and protecting elastomer components download

Curtiss-Wright Surface TechnologiesThu, 26 Mar 2015

Parylene’s thin, transparent and flexible characteristics enhance the performance of rubber and elastomer components by protecting surfaces and modifying surface properties.

Clearly visualise the tissue organisation with Raman images — healthy rat colon crypt

Application note: tissue imaging with the inVia Raman microscope downloadweblink

RenishawWed, 1 Apr 2015

This application note presents the inVia system — an ideal Raman tissue imaging tool from Renishaw.

CM-series couplings

Data sheet: CM-series quick-release couplings from Dixon Group Europe download

Dixon Group EuropeThu, 26 Mar 2015

This data sheet presents the features and specifications of the CM-series quick-release couplings from Dixon Group Europe.


Product information sheet: Faulhaber BX4 Type 2250 servomotor from EMS download

EMSThu, 26 Mar 2015

The Type 2250 remains only 22mm in diameter but the increased length makes this a real power house peaking at 35W continuous operation.

OMNI8C RLU remote logic annunciator

Data sheet: OMNI8C RLU remote logic annunciator from Omniflex download

OmniflexFri, 27 Mar 2015

Omniflex’s OMNI8C RLU remote logic annunciator is a full-function alarm annunciator logic module for eight alarm points.

mk factory equipment

Product brochure: factory equipment from mk Profile Systems download

mk Profile SystemsMon, 30 Mar 2015

This brochure presents the mk Profile Systems’ factory equipment products — which include guarding systems, workstations, guard rails, treads and platforms.

Simon Storage

Case study: Agility brings labour savings and aids compliance for liquid storage specialist downloadweblink

SoftSols GroupWed, 1 Apr 2015

Simon Storage has introduced SoftSols Group’s Agility maintenance management and incident reporting software across its European sites.

Reinforced grill

Tech Byte: will the reinforced grill affect measurement? downloadweblink

IRISSThu, 26 Mar 2015

You are correct when you state that the grill will affect your measurements. In fact, all infrared (IR) window lenses affect the transmission rate of the target temperature. Regardless of the type of IR window you are using, you need to test and adjust your IR camera for the transmissivity of the lens material you are using. This value can vary by camera even if it is the same make and model of camera. This is due to differences of the detectors in the IR cameras.

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Featured Video

Video feature: SABCO utilises Unitronics controllers for beer and beverage brewing videoweblink

UnitronicsThu, 26 Mar 2015

For many years, brewing company SABCO has partnered with Unitronics for its full line of smart programmable logic controllers. SABCO uses several Unitronics controllers, including those found in the Vision series.

CCPI series valve

Lee Products offers corrosion-resistant check valve for applications such as medical printing weblink

Lee ProductsThu, 26 Mar 2015

Lee Products has introduced a miniature, medical-grade, stainless steel, cartridge-style, corrosion-resistant check valve specifically designed for installation into plastics that have sufficient elongation, such as nylon, polyethylene, acetal and PEEK. The new CCPI series valve is suitable for medical inkjet printing and other similar micro-hydraulic liquids-handling applications.

drylin R

Linear bearings from igus help lab equipment manufacturer to cut costs by £20,000 per year weblink

IgusMon, 23 Mar 2015

A manufacturer of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment is saving more than £20,000 per year since installing igus’s drylin R linear bearings in analysers used in particle science research.