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CPC 100 + CP CU1: portable measuring system for precise recording of line impedance

Application note: precise line impedance measuring in environments with interference download

OMICRON electronicsWed, 17 Sep 2014

The CPC 100 + CP CU1 measuring system is said to enable measurement of line impedances with a level of precision that goes far beyond any calculations.

Cylinder block made of aluminium coated with Nikasil

Application note: measuring Nikasil coatings on aluminium automotive cylinders downloadweblink

Fischer InstrumentationMon, 1 Sep 2014

A way of protecting aluminium cylinders is to plate the contact surfaces with Nikasil. After plating, the coating thickness is controlled using the Fischerscope MMS PC2.

Data sheet: PZHT accelerometer from Sensonics for high-temperature areas download

SensonicsWed, 17 Sep 2014

The PZHT accelerometer from Sensonics is a robust, hermetically sealed instrument suitable for operation in high-temperature, heavy industrial environments.

An EP seal from Meco is shown mounted on the drive end of the dryer

Case study: Amfine Chemical Corp utilises EP seal from Meco download

Meco Shaft SealsTue, 16 Sep 2014

An EP seal from Meco has been mounted on the drive end of the dryer at Amfine Chemical Corp.

Rail traverser at Port of Felixstowe

Case study: Igus's energy chain system is used in rail traverser download

IgusFri, 29 Aug 2014

An Igus energy chain system has recently been designed into the largest capacity rail traverser in the UK. 

Belt Sander Kit SM-6Z-6201K

Data sheet: SM-6Z-6201K Surtx belt sander kit from Surtech download

Surtech Surface Technology ProductsWed, 17 Sep 2014

The SM-6Z-6201K Surtx belt sander kit from Surtech features six interchangeable arms and uses both a normal abrasive belt and a surface prep belt.

Infrared heat increases quality of chipboard

Case study: infrared heat increases quality of laminated chipboard downloadweblink

Heraeus NoblelightMon, 15 Sep 2014

A fast-response, medium-wave infrared drying system from Heraeus Noblelight is helping MFI to improve quality control in the manufacture of laminated chip board.

Case study: Murray City Power, Utah

Case study: system maintenance, testing and documentation with ADMO download

OMICRON electronicsFri, 12 Sep 2014

Murray City Power in Utah is using Omicron’s ADMO: a database software for central planning and management of all maintenance activities for protection systems.

Bread - thumbnail

Technical article: it's all about bread — texture analysis of food products downloadweblink

Fullbrook SystemsThu, 18 Sep 2014

Over the years there have been many innovations in food ingredients and many new products have been introduced to take advantage of them. Many of them have one common theme: mouth feel is critical to consumer acceptance. In this article, Brookfield Engineering — whose products are distributed by Fullbrook Systems — takes a quick look at a gluten-free product and compares its properties with three other styles of bread.

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Video feature: maximum power point control simplifies energy harvesting video

Linear TechnologyFri, 12 Sep 2014

Converting solar energy into electrical energy is easily done using Linear Technology’s LTC3105 boost converter with Maximum Power Point Control (MPPC). The MPPC feature allows the converter to extract the maximum power from a solar cell under varying sunlight conditions.

PAT100 tester

PAT100 PAT testers from Megger are suitable for use in offices, shops and business units weblink

MeggerThu, 18 Sep 2014

Simple and fast to use, reliable and robust, compact handheld PAT100 PAT testers from Megger are said to be the ideal choice for carrying out low- to medium-volume testing in offices, shops, business units and similar environments. Their tough construction means that they are also suitable for use by training organisations.

The Kiesling

Automation solutions specialist uses Averex robotic wiring centre from Rittal weblink

RittalTue, 16 Sep 2014

Averex — said to be the world’s first robotic wiring centre — has been used at Kiesling Maschinentechnik, a specialist for automation solutions in switchgear manufacture, as one of two real-world field tests it has to undergo.